Cellulitis and diabetes 2

my friend has had 5 bad instances of cellulitis on her legs, two the doctor wanted her to be hospitalized for, she is way overweight, has scars on her legs now, had oozing pustules at time of infections, anybody know who to see, a specialist, or what. shes 56 and was diagnosed a year ago. her sugar goes haywire during the infections, is that normal too. seems like i have researched this forever and cant find answers. phyllis

I don’t have an answer about cellulitus but, blood glucose can easily rise during illness/stress.


thank u danielle, i am just so worred about a staph infection becoming life threatening, we know she has to lose weight, but psychologically cannot handle bariatic bypass, when she had a hysterectomy 6 years ago they left a sponge in her, then had to reoperate, so she is trying weight watchers, but now is holding water. phyllis