Cellulitis? Does anyone have experience or knowledge with this?

KHelp! You are all the wisest people I know!!

And I’m asking because none of the doctors I’ve seen over the last two weeks have been able to figure it out! And you all are so smart!

Here’s the puzzle…
A year ago I developed the most terrifying systemic bone infection caused by a 1/4 inch piece of metal found in my toe. I went into surgery with some pretty scary odds that things were not going to turn out so swell. In the end, leg, foot and all toes were saved with three months of daily IV antibiotics (fun summer.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). I will never be in the clear from this and there is always a risk.

Ok… So somethings back…gross but… where else can we share this stuff right!?! I was in the hospital back in June and shortly after developed some yucky MRSA looking stuff. The cultured the heck out of stuff and found nothing.

Now… Over Labor Day weekend I fell off my bike and sprained and ankle. Nothing hurt for a week and then it became hot, red and gigantic. (This is how the first foot episode began… With a sprained ankle)
Urgent care wouldn’t even touch me and and sent me right over to the ER Friday night. They aspirated my ankle, took fluid from the joint and still everything came back negative.

Now… I have the same huge, red, warm lumps on both my hand and leg. To me it looks like cellulitis. But I don’t really know that much about it. The infectious disease docs on the phone This morning said get to the ER which is where I’m headed… But I don’t want them to tell me it’s nothing again. I cannot bend my wrist. It’s the same joint pain as I had in my ankle.

What can I push them toward looking for? I don’t want them to miss it again. It is something!! I’m lethargic, running a temp and have golf ball sized lumps.

Cmon brilliant problem solvers… What it this!!! Cellulitis?

Hugs and thanks. And yes I’m just a squeak nervous.

Cellulitis is definitely a possibility! It can come on really fast. Let us know how you’re doing!

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Thank you! And yes! These big red lump/bumps are shockingly fast manifesting. Ugh!

Thank you so much​:blush::cherry_blossom:

I had cellulitis twice while in the Navy. My leg (calf) was very red and warm. Ran a high fever. But had no bumps. But I am not a medical person. And maybe there are various symptoms and varieties of the illness. Get checked. I wish I could help more. Good luck.

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Ask for a consult with immunologist/rheumatologist–the swelling, inflammation, etc. with “nothing wrong” (? No bacteria/infection) suggests an immune issue, possibly triggered by your major infection last year.

To be clear, I am not a doctor, just a curious nurse who has seen some strange stuff over the years! If you live near a major university medical center, ask for a referral–they LOVE puzzling conditions.

Good luck, and feel better!

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I have zero knowledge about cellulitis but your symptoms of swelling and redness are a legitimate concern. Especially in a person with diabetes. Running a fever says your body is fighting something.

Several years ago I travelled to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona to get a second opinion on some GI issues. I was amazed at the quality of help I received there. Not only good quality care but excellent competence along with good bedside manner. I told myself then that if I ever face a threatening medical situation in the future, I will make every effort to use their facility.

Now I don’t know if this rises to that level of concern but it does sound like it borders on it. Good luck and please keep us posted. Wish I had a simpler recommendation to make!


cynthia let us know what happened? That is some serious scary stuff. I used to see moms feet and legs swell like that and it was always an infection. I want to think thisis not the case.


[emphasis added]

“It’s nothing” is not an acceptable response. Please attack this ASAP. And echoing Rick, please let us know how you are! :disappointed:


I hope you have access to a large teaching hospital. I hope it can be figured out. Thinking of you.Nancy

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Thank you everyone for all your insights and kind words. Diabetes stinks. My hopeful quick ER visit turned into an admit. Ugh.

They cannot find any cause for these infections. The cut they made in my leg Friday night is not healing. Hoping the round the clock IV antibiotics will work.

The words cut, wound, diabetes, etc…always make stomachs turn.

Thanks for letting me share. I’m scared. I admit it!!


oh Cynthia, I hope they zap this thing to a fare-thee-well quickly and you get out of there so you can get over this at home. Thanks for the update. I’d be scared too. plus hospitals === ugh, blech

Sending you lots of hugs and healing thoughts.

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Hope the antibiotics work so that you’re able to get out of there and feel better soon. Thinking of you!


I think you need a (((((Hug))))), get well soon.


I’m sorry to hear this. The hospital is absolutely the worst place to be. I’ll be praying for your quick recovery.


You are in my thoughts, Cynthia! :heart:

Please continue to keep us updated (when you feel well enough to do so).


Prayers for a speedy recovery. We are here to support you! Rest and recover our friend. Nancy


Amiga, I wish I had words of wisdom to share but I don’t know much about what you are going through.

We are with you: know you are not alone! Sending you a big hug :heart:


When Apollo 11 touched down safely on the moon, mission control said to them, “You’ve got a bunch of guys here about to turn blue. We’re breathing again.” Same here, I’ll start breathing again when I know you’re safe and well. You’ll lick this; everyone here insists. Get well! Hugs :heart:


Me. Each time a new doctor walks in!

Thank you SO much. All of your wishes, hugs and thoughts are carrying me through! I’m being treated for sepsis which just sounds so toxic (Pun intended!).

The infection source still can’t be found…sneaky little bacteria. At least 48 more hours of IV antibiotics… Bring on TuD word association game!
Love and hugs. Xoxox


Stubborn cases of cellulitis are (sometimes) treated with steroids. Be on the alert for that as it relates to BG. If you need the treatment to fix what’s wrong, then you need it, by all means. Just a heads up.