U.S. 14 day Freestyle libre now a full CGM w/xdrip

Great news. I have the xdrip plus for android and miaomiao2 now working with the freestyle libre 14 day sensor. This gives me realtime CGM tracking to my android phone and iwatch. This is in the U.S.! So far, very impressive. I love the predictive tools where I can enter my BG and it will show my trend line and predict a possible low and how and possible actions. For those not familar with the system, miaomiao2 provides bluetooth capability to the freestyle libre 14 day. Here is a screen shot:

Tidepool and nightscout are linked to xdrip allowing easy integration for those interested in further options. The cgm does not currently have pump integration but should apeal to those that are looking for a alternative to medtronic enlyte reliability, dexcom cost, flexibility and sensor life etc. I own dex g6, enlyte and the 670g. Not using the dex or enyte now. There are lots of canned alarms already set in the system like lows, highs and predictive pattern analysys based on food and real time cgm values. lots of custom options not possible with manufacturer pump cgm integrations. I have tested android phone option only. Still testing but matches bgs to my meter 5 to 10 percent. Little more eratic over 250. Setup took 20m but there were not a lot of good references. Now it is a snap with the new instructions for miaomiao2 and xdrip.


Glad to hear it…I’m on my last or one of my last emergency 10 day sensors, received the miao miao 2, and will switch when the 10 day is done. Do you know if you still need to use the xdrip version miao miao recommended, or will the nightly updated versions work?

Glad you asked. The download they supplied by their instructions did not work for me. I wrote their technical support and they sent me a link for a new file. I would try with their instructions . If it doesn’t work I can provide my files and or they can. My situation may be unique as im running android blackberry keytwo. Not sure what your os is.

Thank you, I’m running a normal version of android 9, so I should be OK, but I’m glad to hear they helped to make it work successfully… I used eversense for 6 months while they figured it out, luckily they did…without the miao miao, the libre was useless for me. Eversense was great, but my insurance does not cover it and my provider still hasn’t been paid for the insertion procedures… eversense is my favorite Cgm, but their app is horrible, had to use xdrip, but libre is roughly 1/3 the price

Interesting. I was very close to pulling trigger on eversense. Do you get pump integration? I could not find a endo at the time in atlanta that would support. Im sure that has changed. MiaoMiao needs better real time support. It took a few days to get questions answered which was frustrating. There is another group in the works: bigfoot biomedical. They are working a new pump with integration to the freestyle libre via bluetooth. Ive seen pictures on their website and a few press releases but I suspect we are a year out. So far Miao seems like the best cost effective technology with tons of customizations and features.

You can use the eversense bridge and pay 198 for 6 months, plus insertion which is usually around 250 for insert/removal…eversense helps finding providers, and they are required to do 3 procedures prior to certification. The rep is always there to help out if necessary. During the summer, the eversense was ideal…a few times I was in the ocean for hours, or the lake, just removed it when I was in the water and reattached when done. It takes a few minutes to start giving readings again, but it was nice being able to remove it. Pump integration isn’t there yet, but you can use android ns client and log insulin and everything…I’m not a fan of pumps, but that’s just me.

I have heard of the eversense so wondering how was its accuracy is and its ease of use?
Not that I am considering switching from the G6 though as its integrated with my tslim x2.

There are a few other threads where jonn58 and I go into detail, however, I enjoyed being able to try it, although there are issues with the app. I started using xdrip in '17 and was used to the android wear watch faces, the ability to have different MP3 ringtones for lows, highs, predicted lows, etc. With the eversense app, if you had apple, you could search the watch for the app to eventually find the glucose value which seemed ridiculous. You also only had eversense beeps or ringtones available, or use a default, so if you receive

A text, or low predicted, it would be the same default… again ridiculous. You can make it work with xdrip with a little research, but only android. The vibration alerts for lows and highs without the phone was nice, however you do need to calibrate twice a day which was often a waste of time, as the variance was usually within a few mg/DL. I recently went back to the libre and it is awful compared to eversense in terms accuracy and delay. There was usually a 10 minute delay on the eversense for hypoglycemia, however, on the libre, its closer to 1 hour

The delay I’m talking about was of course after correcting…

I’ve tried it over the last week, but I’m getting frustrated. I used to use xDrip+ with a Dexcom G5 and it was pretty good. I don’t find it nearly as accurate with the Libre, even when I calibrate. I find it reads too high or too low and there is no consistency to it. The Libre may not be extremely accurate, but at least with the reader or LibreLink app I have one set of information to go on that is consistent.

Hi Scott. I dont calibrate the libre via xdrip. It is not required. Do you find a difference? Are you using the 14 or 10 day sensor? Seems when I compare to my meter on pretty accurate. I have seen some issues when the libre reports im low like 50 and my meter reads 65 etc.

I have noticed going from the eversense and back to the libre (financial reasons unfortunately) that any other medicines…nsaids, antibiotics, etc seem to affect the libre even though it is not supposed to. They altered it to account for the false rise while taking acetaminophen… but it seems like ibuprofen and naproxen sodium will give you false lows, so be careful and try to avoid those if possible…I wouldn’t be surprised if blood pressure medicine, anti depressants, birth control, etc also affected it, however, they still claim no contraindications

I’m in Canada so 14-day is all we have. What value do you enter for the initial calibration when you start a sensor?

Still learning related to calibration. My understanding when you enter a bg in xdrip it has a option to treat as a calibration. I need to research this as I know there is a settings area. You under settings you can enter bg as well as turn calibration on or off.

This may be a little dated as the libre supports real time xdrip now.good article compared to the dex. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sugarsurfing.com/single-post/2018/01/06/Libre-vs-Dex-A-Sugar-Surfers-experience%3F_amp_

My issue is that the xDrip algorithm is not the same as the Libre, and thus I get different results using the MiaoMiao with xDrip than I do with the reader or LibreLink app. I know a lot of people complain about the accuracy of the reader, but I find it good enough generally and very consistent. It is also very reactive to changing blood sugars. If there is a way to get the same results using xDrip as the Libre reader shows I would be all for it. I know some people are able to install the “OOP algorithm” but I haven’t been able to get this to work.

Yes. Use OOP if you can. Write miao support and ask them for a copy of the software as the oop not working for you. They will send you a build. Usually the reader will match within a few points is what I have seen. I dont use the reader anymore as it is just another device to carry.

Found a link to download OOP that actually worked and so far identical to the reader. It even backfilled 8 hours just like the reader does! If it keeps working this is a sufficient replacement for Dexcom.

Nice. Check out the settings to upload to tidepool etc. So much you can do.