Dexcom 7 and OmniPod

I know they are supposed to make a PDM with the Dexcom programmed into it; I want a CGM and have the OmniPod but would hate to get the Dexcom and then have them combine the two and have to go through some long thing of switching, etc. especially when it could be cheaper to wait…

But does anyone know when this is expected to come out?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey Danielle,
I just started using a Dexcom last month. Like you, I was trying to wait until Omnipod integrated a CGM. According to Omnipod and my Dr., it will be a long time before that happens. I decided to go ahead and get the CGM. Still getting used to it.
Have a great day!

Thanks for the input Beth! Yeah I think I might get it this year because my deductible goes up next year and I’ve already filled mine up this year. So it would be smart just to do it now. Do you love it?

I forget about my Omnipod on my body most of the time, will it be the same or because I have both on I’ll feel more like a …robot…lol?


So funny that you mentioned the robot thing…I do feel a little robotic at times with both on.

My husband calls me inspector gadget. Of course, sometimes he probably wishes one of those things were an “off” button.

I like it (don’t love it yet). It takes some getting used to in terms of changing the sensor and keeping up with the reader device (I’m sure there’s actually a technical term for that thingy).

Good thing I carry a purse. I just thought it was a pain to keep up with my cell phone. Now I carry around cell phone, PDM, and CGM reader.

Here’s what I love about it…1) peace of mind at night as far as lows are concerned,

2) the ability to see how my body is reacting to certain foods, 3) peace of mind when I’m working out since I didn’t feel the lows coming on in the middle of a run or workout, 4) the alarm when I my levels are rising quickly, and I’m sure I’ll think of some others later.

I do forget about both on my body most of the time. I only wish, like the Omnipod, that I could put the sensor on with one hand. I would like to try it on the back of my arm. I see that you wear your Omnipod there too. The back of my arm is my favorite spot for the pod. The sensor has stayed on my stomach even though I have read where others have tried it on their inner thigh…haven’t gotten that brave yet.

Oh and on the deductible issue, that is exactly why I decided to go ahead and do it this year too! Take advantage of that since we never know what next year will bring with health care.

Have a great day and stay in touch.


Hahaha that’s funny!

Yeah for me at least, I still produce a weird amount of insulin…Example:

Tonight I went to do my shift to volunteer at the surgical waiting room at the hospital. Nothing rigourous or stressful (I don’t think…), and then went to the cafeteria and had a veggie burger and raspberry lemonade (NOT sugarfree) but didn’t bolus for anything. That was like 10 hours ago. I got back to my dorm, fell asleep, and later woke up (now, 4:00am) and felt fine but after being awake for about 2 minutes felt my low hit me, and tested and I was like 55-60…what the heck! I didnt even bolus for anything so it’s clearly my basal which I’ve been fine with most of the time. My body is annoying me with these up and downs of when it wants to shoot out some insulin.

I think the CGM will help me with this. What do you mean about putting the sensor on with one hand? And is the tube length the same size on the sensor as the omnipod (that goes into your body)?

I sent in my paperwork yesterday so hopefully they get back to me soon!

I have both and absolutely love them! I have to say I have tried a couple other cgm’s and did not like them at all very painful! The dexcom is literally pain free and very easy to insert I wear it on the back of the arm (my husband helps with that one) I wear it on my back and abdomen. I do not feel lows till I’m under 50 so very dangerous the dexcom comes in very handy for that.

I love how I can see trends at night when I go high or low so I can adjust my basal rate if I need more or less its very helpful I cant go with out it. I don’t feel robotic lol! Only when I happen to wear my omnipod and dexcom on each arm ppl always ask what its for and they tell me “wow your like bionic women” lol! Good luck

I also have the OmniPod and would love to get a CGM. I was told by an Insulet rep that the new, smaller pods were coming out soon along with the ingegrated PDM, and that the new pods would not work with the current PDM. Then I talked to DexCom and they say that the integrated PDM hasn’t even gone to the FDA yet and that would take quite a while for them to approve. Am confused and don’t know which stories are fact. It sounds like the smaller pods are fairly close to coming out, but that may not be the case if it needs to wait for the new PDM.
The gal at DexCom also said that the warranty on the transmitter is one year, and most insurance companies will pay for a new one after the year. I’ve met my deductible, so I’m leaning toward getting a DexCom now and maybe when it’s time for a new one, the new PDM/CGM will be available. We can only hope?!?!

Both are right. The current PDM can be used with the current Dexcom Gen3 sensor. Only a software update is needed. The FDA approval process is so lengthy and costly that Dexcom and Insulet decided not to seek FDA approval. Instead they decided to spend the money on the approval of the next generation PDM and next generation Dexcom Gen4 sensor. The next generation PDM can be used with the next generation Dexcom Gen4 sensor. Only a software update is needed. As soon as the FDA approves this software update customers will be able to turn their existing PDMs into integrated PDMs. No hardware change will be required. This leaves the question: “How long will it take to get FDA approval?”. Nobody knows for sure. My guess is: 2013. It is not unlikely that customers outside the US will be able to buy the integrated PDM this year. No FDA approval is required for sales outside the US.

Yeah at this point I’m waiting on my insurance company to come back with how much it will cost. The sales lady from Dexcom had emailed me asking me if I wanted to do that, and I emailed her the forms back and called her and left a voicemail like she said I could and I haven’t seen a reply in email and she hasn’t called me back…

I use the Navigator and the Omnipod on my arm. One arm at a time and its great. I still have issues with the Pod being to loose but it works. No issues when training or in the office. I have tried and tested the Omnipod on the stomach and dont like it. The point is to no have the big swings. I do wish I had I purse or a “manbag” !!

Yeah, I have decided never to wait for anything diabetes related - I get the best I can that’s available right now. When we got my son the Omnipod 2 years ago, it was about to come out with the smaller one, and be integrated with the Dexcom - it’s now two years later and I’m glad we didn’t wait! We got the dexcom about a year and a half ago. If I’d waited, we’d still be on MDI and not be reaping the benefits of the Dexcom. I mean I know there are going to be people that end up getting the stuff right before it actually does come out, but I’ve decided it’s worth the risk to be one of the small number of people who get upset for that reason instead of risk waiting years and years for something that never materializes.

Is the pod more comfortable than the CGM?

Well I decided to go for it! My insurance covers 70% (but they want a butt load of stuff including bg logs, ugh) so it would be $366 for the starter kit with the transmitter receiver and 4 sensors, and then each month the 4 new sensors each shipment would only be around -$75. Pretty good I’d say compared to my pump!!! But that is because I had to pay my $1000 deductible with my pump.

My deductible renews in 10 days and he just emailed me and said they would try their hardest to get it all together and ordered through my insurance before it renews. I really hope they do because my deductible goes up then even more, I think it’s like $2000. So…I probably wouldn’t be able to get it then. :frowning:

Good Luck…keep us posted on your progress. As I told you, I am pretty happy with mine even though today was frustrating. I just had an overall weird day with my glucose and the Dexcom was way off on the readings.
I went from 207 to 47 with my insulin suspended during a hour-long workout. The Dexcom registered me at 87 when I was 47 (I didn’t feel that low).
It takes a day or so for the new sensor to adjust and then you can only wear it for 7 days so basically you get about 5 1/2 days of readings that are within a close range.
I’m going to post some questions in the Dexcom forum to get some feedback. All feedback from my T1 friends welcome:)

Okay good to know!

So hopefully I get it before my insurance renews in 9 days. Crossing my fingers!

Beth- Are you only able to get 7 days because the sensor stops being accurate for you or fails? If I just restart the sensor at the end of 7 days it usually picks up right where it left off- with accurate values.

I’m glad you decided to go ahead with it!

Hope you enjoy it in good health!

I will be getting my shipment tomorrow!! So excited and SOOO thankful for Matt at Dexcom. Customer service is amazing! He shipped it overnight because he knew how badly I wanted it!! :slight_smile:

Recieved it today! LOVE so far! Its charging as we speak and I already have the sensor in my tummy.
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Omnipod and will combine in one year, my doctor told me. However they have been saying that for a while. A new model of omnipod was supposed to come out last fall. Still waiting.