CGM monthly payment plan?

This feels like an odd question, but maybe its not. I have been on a Dexcom G5 for a while. Got it years ago. I recently washed the receiver with my clothes, so it doesn’t work anymore. I like that model, so I bought one from someone online but it just throws up errors, nothing more. The seller says I need to switch this to my “payment plan” and insurance.

Does Dexcom use a CGM-as-a-service model now where you can’t use it without paying them a monthly fee?

Not that I’ve ever heard of, and I think I would have. Not sure what the seller means by “payment plan,” but I’m guessing he or she just means your insurance.

What kinds of errors are you getting from the receiver, and are you able to connect to your transmitter with the phone app?

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Have you contacted Dexcom and told them your receiver just stopped working? I am on direct Medicare monthly subscription for the G5 and over time have had 2 receivers go bad on me and they just asked what is the issue and I told them display went out on first one and bad center button on the next one and they just replaced receiver with a new one and gave me 30 days to return the bad one.

There is also a factory reset option they may have you try, but at least it is worth the call.

“monthly subscription” - does that have anhything to do with the receiver, or do you own the receiver?

Medicare patients receive an initial package from Dexcom that includes the receiver, Contour meter package with strips, solution, lancets, transmitter, operating guide, sensors and a few other goodies. Then every month Medicare direct patients receive a monthly subscription which includes all supplies needed for next 30 days including test strips, lancets and sensors.

So yes, I own the receiver as part of the original package. Dexcom is very liberal on replacing anything that does not operate properly, without charge and sent FedEx, be it a receiver, sensor, transmitter, etc. They even supply free over patches upon request for sensors that do not hold well to your body.

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Hmm, I am wondering if that information is for a UK model??? They pay $159 a month to be covered for their use of Dexcom. That amount covers everything they need for each month, they have to self fund the Dexcom…

This is a guess, but depending where the receiver and the seller came from they might not be familiar with other countries? That monthly plan sure sounds like a UK or Europe thing.

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Or the seller just sold you a nonfunctioning receiver.

It’s from the US, should have said that.

@savage810 that was my best guess!!!

They can’t sell you a non working one, so you might try to return it. If they won’t cooperate and you used a credit card, you should be able to charge it back for a non working item?

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We own our receivers. There is no fee for service. Please post the errors if there are ones appearing on the screen. If it just doesn’t start up, then it is malfunctioning. If it is a US model, then you should see an FCC ID printed on the casing of the device. Note that if it comes from abroad, they use different bandwidths so it might not match the bandwidth of transmission that your transmitter uses. Also, the G6 has a bunch of different versions of firmware on the transmitters and they have subtle differences, so it might have something to do with your transmitter not matching the receiver - have you entered the transmitter ID into the receiver? Or, you can’t get that far? I’m guessing your gonna have to return it, but we can continue to troubleshoot it. You just might need to provide more info.

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He’s using the G5 with the original receiver, not the touch screen. I think he was sold a broken receiver by an unscrupulous seller. If I still had mine, I’d give it to him. I never took it out of the box.

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xdrip+ should work for you on your phone.

Thanks for the help and concern everyone. I am taking care of it, I just wanted to see if I was missing something before taking it further.