Cheese and Rice! ( my hubby's favorite explisitive )

UGH!!!This is a vent… you can hype with me if you want or not.
Actually, I’m gonna whine. Hubby is an Air Force Reservist and already been to the sandbox once. He’s on his way home from his monthly duty now. So he calls. :slight_smile: yea!! I love talking to him.That is til he tells me something I dont want to hear. It’s time to play in the sandbox again. We’ll know more about it by the end of the week.STUPID, STUPID ME!I was stupid enough to encourage him to go ahead for extra duty to help pay bills and maybe see me into some medical ins. UGH!!! WHY did I say sucha stupid thing??? ME NO LIKES THIS!!! So, I defiantly ate a peanutbutter and bread sandwich… I like to lay it on thick too. Nothing like at least a half cup of crunchy peanutbutter on a couple slices of bread. sigh… I just paid the price. It’s 4 pm my test a couple of hours after I eat. 216. First time in a couple of weeks to see that number.
The kids are fighting instead of playing… Chores are getting done slowly. hmmm… dinner tonight? I dont want to think. LOl! They can have leftovers and I’ll make some hummus tonight…
Ok vent over . Hop back up on the band wagon. I’m gonna go for walk in our wonderful swamp. (I have a pic in my sharing thing here. it is a beauty and really calming.)

my husband is over in the “SANDBOX” right now and let me tell you , it is hard, but one of the bright sides of him being there is how easy it is to cook for my family now-I don’thave to worry about him not wanting to eat my “healthy” dinners or the tofu and veggies I like, and those nights that I don’t feel like cooking and just pop in a frozen LeanCusine for me and the kids I don’t have to worry about hubby complaining or going hungry-and you know what?! We’ve fallen into our own routine and although it’s very tough not having a break with two very active and demanding toddlers, it sure had made my diabetes control better b/c I can eat however I wabnt and don’thave to worry about anyone else (the kids have learned to like what I cook and if they don’t, they go hungry) They may fuss but eventually they eat what I make! Try to find the silver lining!