Cleo 90° Infusion Set any good?

I've been pumping for 1yr and I've been using the Contact Detach infusion sets. Recently, I've been wanting to try different sets; I tried the Inset 30 but not for me, Inset II looks interesting but the Cleo 90° has 360° connection capabilities(interesting!). I'm hoping there is someone who could give me some feedback.

Here's a review I wrote for

Inset vs. Cleo: First impressions

I've used Inset infusion sets since I got my t:slim, mainly because my endo said they were the most popular. I had some problems in the beginning with bent cannulas because I was trying to fix the site on my belly, and don't have much of a fat layer there. Now that I've moved my sites around the side to the "love handle" area, no more problems.

Recently, I read several favorable comments (don't remember where) about Tandem's Cleo 90 sets, so I got a couple samples and thought I'd give it a try before placing my next order for supplies.

Honestly, my only issue with Inset has been the amount of trash generated by a site change, and the number of times I've pulled the trigger without remembering to removing the protective strip over the adhesive. My bad. Minor issues are the awkward way the tubing is wrapped around the inside of the housing, and dislodging the canula in the process. All easily fixed, just an annoyance.

So was the Cleo any improvement? Well...

It looks simple enough. Just unscrew the cap, find your spot, and press the spring-loaded plunger. I wrecked the first two sets just trying to get the plunger to work by not pressing hard enough. It takes more pressure than I expected to get the spring to engage.

Another selling point is that the needle retracts by itself. This is true, but the canula adhesive is attached to the plunger housing, so it took some care to get it to separate and keep from pulling it right back out of my body after insertion. Also, the adhesive doesn't seem nearly as "industrial strength" as the Inset.

Apparently the Cleo tubing has a larger inner diameter than the Inset. I always watch the progression of the insulin as the tubing fills, and noticed that it doesn't progress as fast as the Inset. It took over 20 units to fill the Cleo tubing vs. 17 for the Inset. That's just more wasted insulin when you do a cartridge change. That may be offset by the fact that the Cleo canula only takes 2 units to prime, while the Inset needs 3 units. I should also mention that the Cleo tubing is 24 inches vs. 23 for the Inset.

Attaching the tubing to the canula is more difficult too. The clasp takes some effort to pinch before it detaches. When the site is halfway around your side, this can be awkward. I do like fact that you can orient the tubing angle in 8 different ways.

I've got one more Cleo to experiment with, but so far I'm inclined to stick with the Inset. As always, your mileage may vary.

Personally, I switched from plastic sets (Inset and Inset 30 from Animas) to Contact Detach and never looked back. No bent canulas. If a site hurts I just remove it, put it somewhere else and tape it down.

I tried Cleo’s this winter because I know several people who use them and like them. I couldn’t get them to stay on. They either pulled out immediately after insertion or a day or two later. I called Smith’s Medical and was referred to the “Helpful Hint” for insertion:

Fortunately they sent me a replacement box. Rather than use them, I was able to exchange the new unopened box for my normal Comfort Shorts through Edgepark where the Cleo’s had originally been purchased. I decided that I did not want to use an infusion set that I couldn’t count on a successful insertion. I usually do poorly with 90 degree sets anyway so I don’t think that the CEO would have been good for me anyway.

I am going to order a box of Contact Detach sets with my next order. I’ve never tried a metal set and always like to explore my options.

I tried the Cleo 90s when I went pump live and found that though they may be convenient for insertion/placement they had what for me were major issues.

You cannot see insertion site so you do not know if there is an issue/irritation/infection going on with the site so you can pull it before it causes complications.

And for me most importantly

I needed 30% more insulin to achieve the same level of control when I use a Cleo90 vs a Comfort Short manual insertion slant set.

I will never use an auto insertion straight set just because it is easy/convenient/don't need to look instead of a manual slant set that requires personal choice on angle and placement.

I have used the Cleo in the past. Although it is easy to use and not much waster, I found the adhesive not to be very strong. Also at times I found the Leur lock to be almost impossible to disconnect without a tool to get leverage. It has no "wings" for your fingers to get leverage against. This would happen often if it got over tightened. I now use the Quick Set.