Opinions on the Cleo

My son’s endo has recommended the Cleo because his old pump sites get red and bumpy. She gave me a couple of Cleo sets. I got one out last night and played with it. I like that it has less adhesive on his skin. (We use insets now.) But, I’m worried that since it has less adhesive it might get pulled out more easily.

I would love to hear your opinion of the Cleo from those who have used it.

Hi Penny,
I’ve been using the Cleo 90 sets since october, and love them. I use IV prep before I apply a new set, so I’ve never had an infusion set come loose. The adhesive is strong, and lasts for 3 to 4 days without any problem. I did switch from the 9mm canula to the 6mm canula, because I’ve got very little body fat. Since then, insulin absorption has been much better.

Funny that you mention switching from the Inset to the Cleo because I recently did the opposite! I never had a problem with the cleo falling out, but hte adhesive always seemed to leave behind much more band-aid-like goo than my Inset does. The main reason I switched is because I am a wus when it comes to inserting my infusion sets, and with the Cleo you have to be brave and just punch it down. I always ended up inserting it slowly, which hurt more. With the Inset I can be a baby all I want, and when I finally get the courage to press the little buttons it does the work for me, quick and painless.

If you’re inserting the sites for your son, or even if he is doing them himself, being able to insert the Cleo’s quickly enough might be a factor to consider (band-aid goo definitely being lower on the list).

I am having a lot of problems with my Cleos. They are falling out after about a day. I have had trouble in every area where I used to wear a Minimed QuickSet with no problem. I’m using adhesive IV preps to prep the skin, but there just seems to be so little tape around it that the tape either crinkles around the edge OR the “button” just simply tears away from the site around the edges (see used site at left). Another problem I’ve had is not being able to get the purple device to let go of the insertion set (see middle cleo in photo). And then sometimes, I pull up the device and the whole thing just falls out (see cleo site at right). What the HECK am I doing wrong, Cleo users???


I second Sara-without-an-h on this one. I used Cleos when I first started pumping and quickly realized that they wouldn’t stay on for very long without lots of help. I was using two IV prep dressings, putting one down first, inserting the Cleo through it, and then putting a second one over top of the first. Even with this system, particularly during “sweatier” times of year, I had a lot of them come loose unexpectedly. I finally switched to Insets and have been much happier since then. I would recommend lots of sticky stuff (Skin-Tac H, SkinPrep, even Mastisol) if you’re really committed to keeping them for the full time.
One thing I DID like was that the sites are packaged separately from the tubing so you can use a new site with older tubing if necessary. I wound up doing that a few times when a site would “die” or get pulled loose shortly after a site change. You wind up with extra tubing that way though.
I would at least give them a try in either case - some people react less to the adhesive when there’s less of it on the pad and if that’s part of the issue, this may be the site for your son.
Best of luck,

I find that the Cleo pulls out easier than the quickset and the cannula kinks easily. Plus I also sticky rings from the adhesive on my skin.

Minimed makes a infusion set that is compatible with the cozmo and I LOVE IT! The adhesive is great, I don’t have to wear anything extra over the site and my pump no longer screams at me because blockage (a.k.a. my cannula bent)

50/50 also make a great infusion set… http://www.fifty50medical.com/infusionsetconsumer.php . They have made the flatest one I have ever seen and 50% of the companies profit goes to a good cause, diabetic research.