Cleo 90 vs Inset


Have any of you compared both of these? I was using Quicksets with my Minimed Paradigm, but now that I’m trying out a Cozmo I’ve been using Cleo 90’s. I prefer the Quickset method of insertion (spring-loaded surprise) rather than the push in and hold method of the Cleo’s. I also don’t like needing to use IV-Prep when I never have had to do that with Quicksets for 6 years now.

My CDE recommends I try Insets…have any of you compared these two?


I personally like the Insets better. The Cleos need much more in the way of additional adhesive “help” - I was using an IVprep, then two IV3000 dressings, one on top of the other, and it still fell off a lot. The Insets are really well spring-loading too and all I need is one coat of SkinPrep to make it stick for as long as it needs to. Absorption-wise, they’re the same though but there’s a vast difference in terms of adhesion.
As always, ymmv.


I got ahold of some Insets from my CDE. I LOVE them. I ordered them and they will be here on Monday. So long, Cleo 90’s. These remind me of the Quicksets I used to use, only I like them even better.

Thanks for the help!

My Diabetes Educator gave me a Cleo 90 to try and I personally like them.I had no problem with the adhesive no sticking.I even pulled the tubing accidently and it stuck well.I even prepare my site with alcohol swabs.I find the prep wipes a bit pricey.My pump rep said that do avoid the cannula from kinking is to place the inset in the freezer for about 10 minutes before using it.I find it works well.

Cool idea. My 4 year old just tried the Cleo 90 today. He tried the Accu check Rapid D yesterday and he says the Cleo hurts less.

Can you feel the cold in your arm when you use the ones from the freezer?

I know this is a really old post, but this is a problem that is driving me nuts right now. Do you just put the whole inset in the freezer or do you take the top off, or what?