Cleo Users?

Having some issues now that I ordered a few boxes of Cleos. I need the one handed device and these are easier on the hands than Insets, but I have mangled a few of these. The number they gave me for local rep doesnt work, and I thought I did see some tips online so that would be just as good. Anyone have any info, besides the how to use PDF? I want to like these, but it isnt going well at all. Now that I used up my insurance allowance through December…

I really like the Cleos but recently stopped due to Tandem dropping support.
I found the adhesive stuck better and bothered me less than other kinds and the smaller size is nice.

I did get one bad batch where the adhesive disk was missing or mangled. Otherwise no problems.
I do stick them on and hold for 45 seconds and then peel off carefully to keep them from coming off. Once on OK they stay.

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I read something about rolling them off??

That is sort of it but that alone often fails for me. When I remove it starts with a roll but I often find the set is lifting too so I have to get my fingernail under to hold it down and then I can just pull it off.

I’ve seen videos where people just can pull it off with no problem.

OK, I did read something about holding the rim down?