I have a question about clomid. I went on provera to get my last period, because I have polycystic ovary disease. I took clomid on days 5-9 of my cycle and went in for a pelvic ultrasound on day 17. They told me I ovulated and my endometrium (hope that's right:)) looked great. They even told me that it looked like I ovulated from my left ovary. However, they called this afternoon to tell me that the clomid didn't work and I didn't ovulate according to my progesterone level, which was 0.5. I'm so confused! I'm going to call them and ask tomorrow, I guess, but I was wondering if anyone on here has had a similar experience. I just don't understand how they could say I ovulated and then say I didn't. Unless the lady gave me the wrong information? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Also, does anyone else on here have experience with provera? It made my blood sugars really off last time! I really don't want to take it again.

I have no experience with provera so I can not help with that. When I took the clomid I did not get any ultrasounds to check to see if I ovulated but they did always check progesterone 7 days after suspected ovulation. We used a clearblue easy fertility monitor. My guess is they saw what they thought was a corpus purring from a released egg but I was just a fudge. As far as I know if you ovulated your progesterone should have risen.

Thanks so much ladies! I called the doctor, and they said it must have been a ruptured cyst that they saw during the ultrasound. I never did get a period, so I guess I just never ovulated. I’m going to wait until day 40 to take the provera again. Oh joy! :wink: thanks so much for your help!

Something kind of similar happened to me -- I ovulate very irregularly, and took Clomid (CD 3-7) after achieving a "normal" period (for the first time in months). I had a pelvic ultrasound on CD 14 where I was told that I ovulated. I had progesterone levels tested on CD 21, a week later. The level was really low (1.2) and my dr told me that I must not have ovulated. However, I ended up pregnant from that cycle. I'm still not sure when I actually ovulated - when the scan detected it, or later. I started supplementing provera (to induce another period so I could try Clomid again at a higher dose) after I received the news about the progesterone blood test, but got the positive pregnancy test result before I would have stopped the provera.

I thought I'd share my experience just in case it helps. It seems like determining when/whether ovulation occurs might not always be straightforward.

Wow! What day did you start the provera on? I’m supposed to start on day 40 if I don’t get my period by then.

I can't remember the exact day -- I think it was earlier than day 40 for sure, though. I think the assumption was that since (according to the progesterone measurement) I hadn't ovulated, I wouldn't get my period on my own.

In August I ovulated on day 44 and got my period like clockwork 13 days later. I was only given 50 mg on that cycle. They upped the dose to 100 mg for the next cycle and we were successful.

I hope we're successful soon. :) I hate taking this Provera makes my sugar high and I feel like I drank too much wine every time I take it! hahaha At the same time, I don't want things to happen too quickly...I'd rather they happen when they are supposed to. It's nice to have everyone's support on here in the meantime!

When you found out you were pregnant, how far along were you? Do you think you ovulated from the clomid and the tests were wrong or do you think you ovulated after the tests? I had a VERY faint line this morning and this afternoon. The nurse is supposed to call me tomorrow, but told me to keep taking provera tonight. I'm not totally convinced I'm pregnant. The lines were really faint. I'm just wondering if I could be, but maybe I ovulated after the tests.

I was monitoring my mucus as well as using a fertility/ovulation monitor. Regardless of outcome, each cycle the mucus and monitor matched my doctors progesterone monitoring.

In my september cycle I took 100 mg of clomid on days 5-9 of my cycle. I ovulated day 19/20 a day or two earlier than my usual day 21. I got a positive on day 12 post ovulation which was day 31 of my cycle that month. I used a digital test that had a very high sensitivity.

I am not familiar with provera. I wish I could help. If you think you are pregnant should you still take it? If the nurse will not get back to you until tomorrow, could you ask a local pharmacist? How long have you been taking the provera?

Thanks for your help! They ran a blood test to see if I am pregnant and if so, how far along. The nurse told me that I'm taking something called prometrium which is used to help bring on a period, but can also be used to help thicken things up for implantation. :) Therefore, I can keep taking it. Thanks again for all your help...I had assumed that this cycle would just be a wash and we'd start over again next cycle. It totally caught me off guard and set me into "freaking out" mode. :)

I was put on Prometrium in April to try to protect the pregnancy I had at the time. Unfortunately it did not work but it is commonly prescribed to women when they are pregnant, my issue was the baby had a chromosomal abnormality.

Here's hoping all was successful. Let us know what the blood tests say. You may have just ovulated really late.

The nurse called...she said my test came back positive. Horomone levels were around 100 and progesterone at 32. She thinks it's very early...maybe 4 weeks. Wasn't expected it on this cycle! I guess I ovulated after the clomid cycle. I'm going back on Monday to get the bloodwork done again to make sure the numbers are going up like they should. When that comes back we'll be able to make our first appointment. I hope it all works out!

Congrats! Let us know how everything goes.

I went for my first ultrasound and I'm about 7 weeks. So far, so good. :)