Fertility Drugs

My husband and I have been TTC since Feb with no luck - no period, no ovulation. My GYN recommeded I see an "infertility doc" (I think that sounds depressing so I call him the "fertility doc") since I am T1 and edging closer to 35.

I saw him on Tuesday, and he has recommended a 10 day dose of progesterone to jumpstart my period and 4 months of Femara. Has anyone else tried Femara? I am *terrified* of the side effects as well as it possibly affecting my control. I'd love to hear about others' experiences. Thanks!

I have no experience with femara, but before ttc I had to take progesterone to just start a period. I just was not ovulating. Ugh. I will say the progesterone did cause my.numbers to run a little higher.

Started clomid in Feb 2011. Got pregnant that cycle but miscarried between 5 & 6 weeks. Switched endos (long story).

The.new endo recommended metformin and it helped my A1c and my periods (double bonus). We conceived in Sept 2011 and had our beautiful baby girl in June 2012. She was 6 lb 11 oz and healthy.

Good luck and I hope mystory helped. Oh and I turned 36 while pregnant

Oh I was still taking clomid when I git pregnant in Sept.

Hi Megan,

I took Femara but not for that long. Only a few days I think. I took Follistim and Femara then the trigger shot. I got pregnant with twins (at age 41) by IUI. I have no idea where you live, but my fertility specialist told me to go for IUI after two very reputable IVF doctors told me I would never have another biological child (i also have a four year old biological son). anyhow, maybe you could consult with my fertility guy via email if you live far, and see what courses he recommends for IUI. he IS the best, best best. His name is Jan Rydfors and he is located in Redwood City CA. Maybe he would agree to do a phone consultation.

Just so you know, my first son was conceived when I was 37 and my twins (as above) when I was 41. you CAN do this. Please feel free to contact me via email at spartamac@mac.com

Best to you,

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T1 since 2008
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