Coffee Drinkers, where are you?


I drink a half a glass of warm or steamed mill (6g of carbs) and a very strong espresso every morning - I love coffee, and that usually keeps me happy. And then sometimes an ice coffee if someone brings me one later…

It’s usually the layer coffee that seems to be more unpredictable as far as the glucose goes - I say stick with strong good coffee, skip the other five cups…


i love coffee but try to limit myself!

it is a stimulant (obviously) and stimulants like that put strain on your adrenal glands. being diabetic means there is xtra strain on my endocrine system already so coffee would only weaken it more. plus with the auto immune disease who knows what else is weak.

also the caffiene rush “flightiness” i sometimes get feels similar to a low blood sugar so i wouldnt be able to detect a low blood sugar as quickly…

at the same time, coffee is delicious an better for you than soda for example!


I cannot (willnot??) function in the morning without a 12 to 16 oz. mocha with whippped cream. I can cover it with about 5 units of Novolog and I am good.

I dont drink. I dont smoke. I dont gamble. I dont do drugs. A girl has to have some fun. I told my dr. that its my last pinpoint of fun on the plantet since being diagnosed. I refuse to give it up. She understood and said that I can keep it - as long as I cover it. I’m doing low carb and its the only high glycemic food that I consume regularly…well except for the occasional Payday…and the Andes mints… oh bother.


Christina youre hilarious! i’m in the same boat cept this girl gets her fun with fast cars, fast motorcycles, and a bit of offroading :wink:


haha! I’m in the same boat! I do a mocha with whipped every morning too! I cover it with 6 units of Humalog. Spikes for about an hour, but comes down nicely to about 80 for BG afterwards. I don’t eat much of anything at all and when I do, I keep it in small portions and cover with insulins. I eat a lot of salads- so I’m really good!

So, right on sista! Frappicino lovers stick together! We should make a group.


Hai, I need more coffee! Anyone can send me some please!!

I just finished 4 cups of black coffee and I need more! Am addicted to it!!!


Hi Manny, being a former coffee drinker of 6 cups per day I had to finally stop this habit. Since I’m sure you are aware that Acid Reflux is one of those Diabetics added disorders that I acquired. I now drink a coffee made from almonds, dates, & figs with only 4 carbs per cup. I still get a buzz from this even though it does not contain caffeine. I love the taste the brand is Teeccino which is grounded so you can perk it in your coffee maker.

Fonda http://www,


Oh my gosh Fonda…that sounds heavenly! Hope I can get it in Canada!


Linda, if you cannot find it in your local health food store here is a link to the company’s site. Maybe you can call and ask where you can buy locally from.

Take care!



Right now I am into the Sugar Free Iced Coffee from Micky Dees… I dont really see much difference in my sugars when i drink one, Its the Frys that kill me…Lol…


Will do…thanks fonda!


Oh this sounds yummy Linda (thanks for the link Fonda) - I may look into ordering some up if I get flush (it’s always the shipping to Canada that is so expensive for products from the USA). I am lucky tho’ - that I can drink coffee with no problems - a few Americano’s every day - less caffeine due to being made from espresso.


Oh Cody - your house must smell wonderful when you are doing this. Have always wanted to try this. My husband has a friend at work who roasts his own beans at home. We did try some of the beans he roasted - but I guess being an espresso drinker - I’m abit picky - it just didn’t have that same taste as the commercially roasted coffee beans I buy now.


I love my coffee for the taste and smell…usually consume about 3-4 cups/day. I luv it so much I roast my own…Kenyan, Ethiopian, So Amer…etc. Sweet Marias is a great place to purchase green beans. I too wondered about effects on my blood pressure, etc. but, have not seen anything really convincing…if anyone has, please post a link. Having said that…caffeine is not great if you have an arrythmia. Seems coffee consumption has actually been shown to decrease insulin resistance and is not linked to high blood pressure when consumed in reasonable amounts. Good news is that roasted coffee is lower in caffeine than typical bagged/gnd coffees (they add caffeine). I say coffee tastes great, is filled w/ unique polyphenols/antioxidants and makes me happy…me and my Ehiopian Harrar have a date for breakfast.


agree…saw a research article some time back that dispelled this medical myth of coffee causing dehydration.




My morning starts with regular fresh brewed coffe, Mr Coffee 4 cup pot=2 good size mugs! At work I do half decaf and in the evening if I indulge it is full decaf. My doctor told me to cut back on coffee, but I reminded him that I don’t drink soda or a lot of presweetened beverages, so we came to this agreement. I like sumatra fresh roasted beans from Frankenmuth Coffee Roasters in MI. If you do the “gourmet” coffee there is less acidity, so less chance of acid reflux. The only other beverages I drink are milk, water and ice tea. I would say on average I drink 3-4 cups a day through the week and 2-3 cups a day on the weekends. COFFEE RULES!


Love my morning coffee. I drink 1/2 caff…will never stop drinking that wonderful morning friend.


I figure we’re stuck to diet drinks (yuck) and low carb stuff. Water, beer, wine, tea, coffee, and grapefruit juice don’t seem to affect my blood sugar too much. I drink a cup of latte that I make myself every day. Definitely have to bolus for the hot milk, but it’s not too bad of a carb load for starting the day off right. When my friends go out for dessert, I’ll tag along and get a cup of coffee… At least when I order something I kind of blend in with everyone else and I don’t have to spend the rest of a meal explaining to everyone what it’s like to be on insulin…


I usually drink 3-5 coffee every day, change brands usually monthly. Let me count the years…No, better not. It hasn’t killed me yet(touch wood).