Coffee Drinkers, where are you?


I love my coffee! When I have the extra money I will buy beans from Starbucks. Otherwise I have gotten hooked on Folger’s Black Silk. Doesn’t seem to affect my BGs.


I love coffee. I drink it everyday. Usually about 2-3 cups a day. Coffee stimulates your pancreas to produce insulin, that is to the point which your pancreas is still functioning. Cream has sugar(lactose) in it so coffee does not raise your BS, only the lactose or sugar/sweetners if you add them. More than 2-3 cups a day is bad for you. Of course, so is 2-3 cans of soda, or 2-3 beers, or …you get the picture-moderation.


Oh, I forgot. P.S. I have found coffee at Carl’s Jr’s in Phoenix, Arizona for 49 cents, 54 cents with tax, it is Channel Islands, it is good. Also, I found a Krispy Kremes in Phoenix, AZ-7th St. and Roosevelt, that sales 12 oz. cup for 25 cents, 27 cents with tax, excellent rich brew.


HI:) Anna. How are you? I wonder if it is that he/she roasted you some NOT to espresso stage. It is pretty hard for me to get it that dark…my rigged popcorn popper would ignite! I usually roast to City roast to get the most flavor from specialty beans. This is for the drip or press. I too stick to commercial roasts for the expresso machine:) It is really fun to roast and tastes amazing! I am sure Cody would agree given the volume of his order!


Hi Patricia - doing good as I sip my Americano here . I’ve used City roast from some of the fancy bean shops I’ve purchased coffee from - and it’s fine with me. There is a company I’ve found here in Montreal now - that uses beans from places that get paid the fee they should get rather then being robbed by the big commerical corps. I know there is a name for these types of places - but having a brain fart right now. I’ve heard about people using their popcorn popper to roast their beans! Cool.


Right on Peter - there’s been so many reports over the years of the pros/cons of drinking coffee for diabetics. Just like there has been for red wine. I just go with the flow - drink in moderation like you say :slight_smile:


I am a cheap gal . I refuse to purchase coffee if I don’t have to (used to bring a flask to work when I had to commute to work) - as I’m saving up for my next holiday. Average price of coffee here in Montreal - a good cup mind you is about $1.50 CDN. Now, if I drank 2-3 cups of that a day - over 5 days (work days that is) - my vacation piggy bank would be ready to explode in no time!!!


LOL, you made me laugh, Thx.
Some times I pass by some free coupons for free samples of Coffee, well send them your way once I have any! Cheers for coffee!!! hehehe


I love coffeeeeee, but my Dr told me to cut it to 1 cup of decaf per day, less if possible as I am trying for a baby, gutted =( Hope fully it’ll be worth it in the end then i’ll be back on the juice, no fear!! I don’t care if it’s a diuretic etc blah blah I love the taste of a rich smooth mug of dark black coffee mmmmmmm… addicts pangs* coming on ;o)


Good wishes for a healthy, happy baby:)


I drink lots of coffee. It comes in waves. I can go months without drinking any, then I go through months of a pot or two a day. Right now I am the latter. Black coffee mostly, but sometimes with some powdered creamer.


How about…iced coffee…yummmmmm!
Also have a yum yum yummy recipe for date/coffee muffins. A favourite in the Fall! have it on a cold crisp Fall morning with…what else…COFFEE!!!


Thought about sharing this photo of a 3,604 Cups of Coffee


I love my cappuchino, though I usually only have one in the morning and only one later if I’m socializing in a cafe or have lots of work to do and no motivation to do it! When I left Guatemala I told the person buying my cappuchino maker it wasn’t available till the day I was leaving and I had a new one secured by the first day back in California! I recently discovered Turkish coffee here in Berkeley…ummmmm…the only problem is it automatically comes full of sugar and so far I didn’t remember to tell them no sugar until after I ordered it! At least people in Berkeley don’t look at me like I’m crazy when I say no sugar like they did in Guatemala. In Central America if you are a gringa (and therefore assumed rich) and you don’t eat sugar or meat they think you are LOCA!


Turkish coffee with no Sugar, I do drink it too. :slight_smile:


I have found myself shifting to enjoying more a cappuccino than a straight up black coffee. I blogged about my four favorite coffee places in Berkeley for a great cappuccino a while back:


I don’t know anything about coffee and diabetes and one having an effect on the other, but I do LOVE my morning coffee…2-4 cups every AM. Wouldn’t be the same without it! And…there could be worse vices…like jelly doughnuts.


Is there life without coffee I don’t think so, not with me anyways, I am not even nice to myself until I have had at least two cups first thing in the morning. Coffee and Diabetes… Hey look it’s a freebie! on my Carb list lets drink more of that special elixir and I do my share to allow this exotic fluid to flow threw my veins each and every day. What makes Dunkin donuts and Starbucks survive it’s not there pastries I can tell you that…


Ahhhhh…the first cuppa java in the morning…always the best!


I am an avid coffee drinker.If I don’t have a minimum of 3 cups a day, I am done for the count with caffiene headaches.There are days that I can kill a pot of coffee a day by myself.My dietician says that coffee is ok to drink with diabetes.