Do you attend diabetes conferences or community events?


Do you attend diabetes conferences or community events?

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Are there any upcoming events in the United States ?


Located a 2 hr event near me. Cost about $400. Think I’ll pass.
Did find a support group. Meets 4 times a year. Next in August. Thinking about it.


I’d like to…maybe something in the Seattle/Portland area.


I occasionally look into Diabetes Canada events. With so many discussions here, I can’t motivate myself to take the trip.


Sugar Surfing’s Dr. Ponder will be in the Portland, Oregon area on September 8. It is a half-day event. He’s an inspiring speaker and I think it’s well worth the effort to see and hear him.

He will be in other locales, too:


Check out his website for details.

Here are the details for the Portland workshop.


TCOYD (Taking Control of Your Diabetes) conducts workshops all over the country. They are mostly single day events for both T1Ds and T2Ds. I will be attending the a TCOYD T1D retreat in San Diego this August 17-19.

I attended a single day event in Santa Clara, California, a few years ago. It was well done and the speakers were interesting and helpful.

ConnecT1D will run a two day event for T1Ds in the Seattle area June 23-24. I went to this event last year. I highly recommend it.


Thanks Terry4 ! I’ll give the Ponder workshop a shot, will hope to see you there!


Unfortunately, I need to go to Seattle that day to do my annual certification for my service dog. Otherwise, I’d be there. I’ve already attended two of Stephen Ponder’s presentations, but I’m sure he’s continually updating his Sugar Surfing methods as he lives with T1D 24/7 like us.


My daughter & I attended T1 family events hosted by our the ADA in a nearby city. They always had a motivational speaker & usually one of the local ped endos led group discussions. We have no JDRF chapter in our area, but the ADA has filled the void very well.

We also attended Dr Steven Ponder’s diabetes retreats a couple of times. They were 8 hr workshops, with each segment focusing on a single topic. Dr Barbara Anderson’s presentations/discussions on the psychological impact of T1 were the highlight of the workshops for me.

We’ve considered attending Friends for Life, but Florida in July is a bit too warm & humid for me, plus the cost of travel along with the conference fees has just not fit into our budget.


I attend all TCOYD held in San Diego, full day conferences, spotlight mini series and their new type 1 retreats. Also attend workshops with BDI (behavioral diabetes Institute) and support groups through JDRF and my local hospital.


I attended a two-day youth advocacy workshop hosted by the CDA (er, well, now called Diabetes Canada, though I haven’t gotten used to the name change yet) about ten years ago and really enjoyed it. I attended Friends for Life Canada in 2010 and also enjoyed that, although it was very family-focused (I did connect with a couple adults there, though).

I attended an in-person Type 1 support group for a while, which I enjoyed but found the commute too long to attend regularly. I don’t know if that group is still ongoing today.

I would like to attend an event by Connected in Motion one of these days…


Wish I had the money to do so. Wish the logistics would allow it…


I don’t normally attend them, because I feel they would be kind of boring. Not because I don’t think the stuff they talk about is interesting & important to know, but it is usually stuff that you have heard before. It would be kind of like retaking a math class, it’s all important, useful, and good to know, but you only need to learn it once. And with places like this, where we can ask questions anytime (when we actually have a question or problem, instead of trying to make a list before going to the event), I don’t think going to an event is worth the effort. But I guess that is a personal preference, some people may prefer to meet in person, even if they do need to plan it out.


Unfortunately I got busy and will not make it to the Sep. 8 Ponder workshop in Portland. I checked his website and found this interesting note…worth thinking about for those interested:

Due to high demand in 2018, we are in the midst of planning the 2019 workshop series so please don’t delay. Local organizers or “Champions” are the reason why we’ve been able to put on so many workshops all across the USA, UK and Ireland. Maybe it’s time to bring Dr. Ponder and his workshop to your town or city?
Local workshop organizers are the key to setting up a Sugar Surfing Workshop. You will be expected to locate a free or low cost venue to accommodate 200 - 300 people and a willingness to reach out to your local diabetes industry sales representatives for table sponsorships. You can do this yourself or create a small team from your local support group, friends and family. Available dates are extremely limited so check with us before making any local commitments.