ConnecT1D Conference Recap!

I had the pleasure of hanging out with some really cool Type 1s in the Seattle area this past week at the ConnecT1D Retreat.

I made a bunch of new friends, and had the chance to see a few familiar faces as well! Here’s a photo of (left to right): @MayaK, @mrmikelawson, @Terry4, and Norm who doesn’t have a TuDiabetes account, but probably should. :slight_smile:

I would love to hear Maya and Terry’s experience too. I know Maya has shared some of her thoughts already in a Flatliner’s thread. I had a really great time connecting with others (in a very similar way we do here on TuDiabetes). It always feels so refreshing to get to just sit face-to-face with other people that are living with diabetes.

One cool thing about this event that they do really well, is I feel that they make sure any loved ones (which they call “Type 3”) get something out of the event. The “Type 3s” in the group were included in most of the conversations and even had a breakout session where they had the chance to speak with one another about their unique journey with diabetes.

This was my first visit to the Pacific Northwest and I loved it! It was a bit gloomy at times, but I appreciate some rain and gloomy. :umbrella:

So, how unique are events like this? Do you have something in your area where you can meet up with others with diabetes?


Oooh…and here’s a view I took from a walk during one of our breaks.


I enjoyed the ConnecT1D (pronounced connect-id) weekend retreat. The event took place at a casino resort at a beautiful Puget Sound waterfront setting. The Suquamish Clearwater Casino Resort is across the sound, west of Seattle, tucked in behind Bainbridge island.

This was the view outside my room.

The organizers and other participants extended a friendly welcome to Norm and me. As you might expect, a Pacific Northwest vitality and interest in outdoor sports provided a subtext to the serious talk of diabetes. I enjoyed trading diabetes stories and experience with others.

I must admit that I’m starting to feel my age as most of the participants were a generation or two younger than me. It’s kind of weird being in the senior cohort, but I like the energy and curiosity shared by many of my younger diabetes brothers and sisters.

If you haven’t experienced a diabetes conference yet, this is a good one. You will find a reassuring resonance here where people in the room “get it.”


Thank you @mrmikelawson for the kind words on the retreat. The team at ConnecT1D worked very hard to put it all together.

It was so great meeting you finally and I loved your talk on burnout. It’s such a hard topic to discuss and can lead to very dark places and yet you were able to maintain a very positive and uplifting tone and your illustrations were charming!

I attended the retreat last year as well, and this was only their second annual one and I’ve been waiting for it all year long as I had such a great time last year as well. I love the beautiful setting and being able to meet so many other T1s. It’s also very casual and doesn’t feel all stiff like some other diabetes conferences I’ve been to. I also love that partners are also welcome. I sometimes forget that they can take such an active role in management and support that they could use some support of their own and the retreat gives them that as well.

It was also so nice to finally meet @Terry4. We’ve had quite a few exchanges on TuDiabetes before and I always enjoy reading his posts and comments and boy did we get to chat late into the night on Saturday!

I have to say @Terry4, and maybe it’s because I fall in the middle of the age bracket there, but I noticed a range of ages. Yes, maybe some more on the younger side but then again, I tend to pay more attention to the year of diagnosis rather than year of birth when it comes to type 1 and so let me remind you, we’re only 2 years apart in that department! :wink:

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I like the way you think! It was great to meet you and learn about how you deal with your D – very well, I say.


I have had small, but rewarding meet-ups with DOC friends in Portland and in Minneapolis…I’m uncomfortable in crowds now and travel is difficult, so no conferences. But I look forward to more small gatherings nearby…

I had the great good fortune back in 1976 to rent a sailboat and sail the many small islands in Puget sound, catching fresh crab for supper and always a fair wind…It was gorgeous and I’ve never forgotten that trip. I envy you the environment!..Judith…

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We should create one. I’ll travel to the east side!


@Terry4 We have to move late next month or early June for the first time in 27 years. I’m afraid I can’t see beyond that, but of course, later in the summer could be delightful. I know other folks, from my days as an Ambassador for TuD, who would also enjoy it…


Hey, I’m bumping this because we’re gearing towards the next retreat in June!

Early bird registration is closing in just a couple of days so if anyone is interested in a little discount, check out the link and register here.

I would love to be able to meet more great people from this online community in person. :blush: