Contour Advisors

I received an invite to Contour Advisors. Email purported to be from Ascensia and aimed at opinions on BGM. Anybody know whether Contour Advisors is a legitimate or just a scam?

I received the same email. I, too, was unsure if it was legit, when I clicked on the link, it asked for a lot of info, so I just deleted it. Hope it wasn’t a virus!

Did the e-mail source address look legitimate? Spam addresses are usually collections of nearly random-looking letters.

It looks more like a scan than legit, though I wouldn’t know what the nature of the scam is. There is a “ContourAdvisors” web site, but it is extremely bare bones. At the very least I expect a web site to have some sort of “About” section which contains information which can be sanity checked.

I did not see that for this. There is a somewhat lengthy MS Word “Terms & Conditions” document, but aside from that nothing but the sign in fields.

My feeling is that even if this is legit, it’s not worth wasting time on. :disappointed:

The source email address didn’t have random characters. The website John describes matches to what I found. The questionaire asked for year of birth, but not the full date. If it were a scam/pishing/identity theft attempt, it would likely ask for full birth date.

Contour advisors is a real thing. It is the company that manufacturers the test strips. They ask questions in a survey format about 5-7 times per year. I have been a member for 3 years.


Thanks, Rick