D plus asthma?

Anyone else with kids with asthma also? I swear I can’t take much more of this stress!!! :frowning:

Hey Tracy, well yes Connor has asthma too. In fact he was asthmatic before he was diabetic. We even had him at the ER a couple of times because of his difficulty breathing. He is currently on 2 different types of puffers, but they are only as needed like when he gets a cold. We were even told that there’s a good chance he might outgrow his asthmasince he got it so young. (around 1 1/2 ys. old) Did you just find out your son had asthma?

no, he had a couple of episodes when he was a toddler, before D, but he was in hospital this week due to a severe asthma attack and then again for symptoms of DKA brought on by the attack. the two don’t mix, i guess.

Ted has outgrown his asthma, thank goodness. Albuterol would send his numbers very high and we would almost have to triple the amount of insulin he needed to cover it. I hope your son outgrows his asthma as well.

Hi Tracey – My daughter was diagnosed with asthma about two years after she was diagnosed with diabetes. She is currently on Singulair and and Albuterol; neither seem to do too much damage to her blood sugar. Unlike my son who outgrew his asthma, my daughter’s seems to be getting worse so I hear you on the stress! Hang in there!