Dabetes and H1N1 in MA.... I am a little scared

Recently I have been having a cold bug that has lasted for about 2 weeks now and I am so much better than I was 2 days ago! It was a huge struggle but I got the flu shot this last Winter and that made it easier for me to be on the mend. Thank-God! Many people are not so lucky.

Recently I was hearing the news on the t.v. about people that are having the cold then actually finding out they have H1N1 then within a week they are dying because they originally have Diabetes to begin with then the cold can’t be kicked… I am confused? Does Diabetes effect your immune system so that is why your not able to find off infection? There is a small part of me that doesn’t want to go outside with people that much because I don’t want to get a cold or H1N1 from anyone. I don’t know if I sound paranoid but I just want to keep healthy and exercise at home in my gym so that I can get better? Has any other Diabetics felt this way about the H1N1 that is going around? Thanks!

Well…this may not allay your fears but … I wouldn’t be so paranoid. I have Type 1 and I lead my regular life and get a flu shot every year. When I do get the flu I just do the same things that I would do if I did not have diabetes.

I am also not concerned about the swine flu. More people die (about 40,000 per year) in car accidents than die from regular flu and more people have died this year from the regular flu than have died from swine flu. So I would be more concerned with dying in a car accident. And yet we all drive to work everyday.


Do yourself a favour … turn OFF the news.


Thanks SO VERY MUCH for your input on this issue! I am trying to keep a really cool head about this but I also love to be outside to exercise on sunny days and the news that I hear just makes me confused about the facts that are floating around? Thanks for putting things into perspective!