DaveWatch is getting pretty cool!

I never heard anything back on this. I would really like to try it if I could though!

@Dave26 has been mostly inactive for the last few years. You might get more visability by starting a fresh topic.

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Dave! This looks awesome. A.d I have a samsung gear s3. How do i get this?

I ended up making my own.
You need to be a bit creative, and I still haven’t got the graph to work. But I have the BG numbers working.
You need to have Tasker, and a couple other things to make it all work though.

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Here is some recent info on xdrip and setup for watch.

Hi Dave,

It seems like you have been getting this request a lot lately, and I’m sorry for be annoying, but I would love to try your watch. I recently switched to Dexcom bought a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and downloaded Xdrip. If you dont mind sharing I would really appreciate it.

I tried message you directly but it says that "you can not message this user.

Thank you