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I’ve been using the Moto360 Sport watch for (exactly) the last year. I bought it at Target on my way up to go skiing. It has been AMAZING having this data on my wrist for instant viewing. The watch is unable to serve as a collector, but reliably shows the phone’s data.

The integrated watch band recently ripped off on one side, and now needs to be replaced. Looking to hear people’s opinions of their watches, for example if there is a better option than the SSW3 these days.

  • Lenovo offered to “fix” (replace) it for $75, with a 5 day turnaround.
  • I found an SSW3 used white for $105
  • I found a new SSW3 in Lime for $130.
  • The Samsung Gear S2 is $172
  • The Samsung Gear S3 for $290.

If I’m spending another $75 on a watch at a minimum, I’ll probably jump for the SSW3, but not in love with the Lime color. I also have a little heartburn over spending $100 for something used.

I tried the official Dexcom app on my Android phone and watch when it came out, but it was too basic for me. Being unable to see any numbers in the past was SUPER frustrating. I liked being able to turn off the GPS receiver, but the battery drain with it on doesn’t change how often I need to charge the phone, so not really a real benefit. I used the Dexcom app only for 3 days and have never gone back. There really is no comparison to how useful the xDrip app is for me.

I agree, xDrip+ has way more customizable features than Dexcom sw. I use the SW3 as the collector and it is so much more convenient than always having my phone on me. Other watches are now supported a standalone collectors but I’ve only used the SW3. There is a document which lists the newly supported watches and instructions for installing the patches at

Interesting. I have a Zenwatch 2 and a Zenwatch 3 (though I just sent the 3 for RMA repair under warranty since i wasn’t connecting to my phone after a reset). Unfortunately, I have the G4/Share, so no collector option gonna let me leave my phone at home… (though it ought to…)

@Thas No, that is not true! The xDrip+ wear app supports G4/Share. You can use the watch as a standalone collector. Hwr, since G4 isn’t bluetooth, you need to get the xBridge device to convert it. I use G5, but there are many that use their G4 with xBridge and SW3 watch as the collector. In order to have the watch work standalone (ie., without your phone present) you also need to have the xBridge on you. But xBridge is much smaller than your phone and more portable than carrying your phone around. You can get more details on the facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/xDripG5/

I no look her have an SW3, but when i did, it didn’t seem to do what i
wanted… I carry the Share receiver, which sends my data to xDrip+ via
Bluetooth. Can that be used to feed an xDrip collector? If that will
works, I’ll consider patching my Zenwatch3 (or the older 2) to use as a

Yes, the xDrip+ wear app supports the Dexcom Share receiver. It will send the Bluetooth data to the watch when you enable Wear Integration and and wear preferences. Refer to the Watch app documentation at:

Also refer to the following for xDrip+ (phone) supported devices:

Hm… Not sure it suppose Standalone mode for the G4/Share receiver. Accourding to the website you referenced:

The latest release supports a standalone mode which allows the wear app to communicate directly with the Bluetooth Collector, whether it is a Dexcom G5, a Dexcom G4 + xBridge, or a Libre LimiTTer.

Does not mention Share. I’d love to consider that as an option, though. I usually do carry my phone, but there are definitely times when I do not even WANT to carry a phone and would be glad to leave it behind…

As an aside, I also want to be able to wear a watch with an always-on display that will display (and update) my BG without any action on my part (for the Sabbath, for example). My current solution for that I have a second Share receiver (for convenience) that I pair with a second tiny phone (the Unihertz Jelly/Pro) and a Pebble watch. The phone and watch have all features turned off except Bluetooth (not even a SIM card in the phone). This gives me the data I want without pressing any buttons, or activating any screens, etc. The phone’s battery lasts around 36 hours set up like that (Pebble and Share receiver, of course, last much longer). Not sure there is a better solution on this account yet, though.

@Thas Yes, the xdrip+ wear app definitely supports standalone for the Dexcom share. Take a look at the wear source code on the github site. The documentation should be updated to make it clearer I guess:( The requirement is the Bluetooth data which share provides and the wear code interfaces directly with it.

Yes, I have a Jelly, too. I was thinking to use it as a backup phone, as well as a backup to my SW3 since it is reported to work well with xDrip+ as a collector. Unfortunately, Verizon does not support it so I may just use it as a data only device with Google project fi. My impression was that its battery does not last long. But I haven’t really used other than test a few features. I’m glad to hear you are getting good usage out of it.

The Jelly works great with xDrip+ as a collector. With cell data, GPS, WiFi turned off, the battery lasts quite long for me, so it serves the purpose for which I purchased it. It also fully charges very quickly (small battery :slight_smile:). I don’t need it for phone service, but it works with my carrier (T-Mobile), if need-be.

One thing I noticed - it definitely did need Location/GPS turned on to initially pair with the receiver. After that, I turned it off, and it worked great.

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I think you misunderstood the original question. Looking specifically for xdrip compatible watches. This list appeared to be old school types.

I think that was just a spam post not actually intended to be related to the topic.
I could be wrong but it smells like spam to me. I will flag it as such.

@miketosh Those watches, indeed, are the only watches that will work as xDrip+ collectors. The SSW3 is the only one that works out of the box. The others require a ROM flash to become collectors. The addition of other watches is an ongoing project.

A much broader list of watches can be used as xDrip+ data display devices.

I am new to diabetes and therefor also to that kind of techonology.
I would like to know what watches do you use to collect xdrip+ data, I know that ticwatch pro does that but are there any other? (I know that there are plenty of them but I am looking for one that looks premium, has good battery, is water proof and compatible with android) Also, do you know how compatible with xdrip+ are tizen os (samsung galaxy watch) and lite os (huawei, honor watch)?