Day 4 on victoza

March 26, 2011

A lazy Saturday, cold and raining outside. Actually haven’t been able to walk since I started taking Victoza and I do try to walk at least 30 minutes per day. I think the lack of walking is making me feel lazy. I work from home so don’t get much exercise if I cant get outside for a time. I can’t seem to get into exercising to Videos and I’ve no place to put a treadmill for indoor walking.

Other then lazy, I felt fine today and numbers are still running good. I did find my appitite more like it’s old self today and I don’t like it’s old self. I much preferred not being hungry so I don’t have to feel deprived when I don’t allow myself to give into unhealthy cravings. I hate the struggle of that being deprived feeling or the fighting the cravings for those things I shouldn’t eat. I don’t want to be hungry. Does being hungry today mean that only 4 days into taking Victoza it’s beginning to lose it’s effectiveness because my body is getting used to it? Numbers remain good though.