Day 6 & 7 On Victoza

March 28/29, 2011

All is as it’s been. Low numbers, no illness, a bit tired still…better today though. Shots are so easy to take…no pain at all. Talked to the nurse today to see if it’s OK with the Dr. if I stay on the .06 dose rather then dial up since it’s working well. Today, two hours after lunch of two small pieces of Pizza and a salad my sugar was 80! 80? Come on…I’ve only seen numbers like that once, right after I’d taken a 2 mile walk! I also asked the Nurse if these terrific numbers I’ve been getting this week means that the Victoza has cured my diabetes. She said “Sure, and tomorrow you’re going to be getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy”. LOL! Well, at least my numbers are as if I’ve been cured.

Did get on the scales today though, and still weight what I did a week ago. Weather is supposed to turn nicer this weekend though. It’s been cold and rainy all week so no walking. I’ll get back at it when the weather turns. I try to walk 30 minutes a day, 15 minutes away from home then turn and walk back home, listening to audiobooks along the way. Coming to the end of Robert Jordan’s World of Time Series and looking forward to listening the last two books of the Clan of the Cave Bear Series. Jean Auel just came out with the last of the series after 10 years so I’m going to listen to the next to the last book to refresh my memory. Love books on tape…they make walking enjoyable actually!

Well, end of day 7 on Victoza! Night Night!

its nice that you are feeling good.