Daylight Savings Today. Please check your pump

My Omnipod has to have the time changed.

So does my omnipod. It will wait. There is no way on earth I will change it until I have to change the pod; if I change the time it locks out bolus calculations, and I do use them.

This is one of the bad bugs in the current Omnipod system; other things (e.g. the Dexcom G6) still require a time change, which is a bug, but they don’t mess up functionality when it happens.

Overall ALL medical systems seem to have been written by people who have never been permitted to travel across a time zone. My scuba diving computer doesn’t care what time zone I’m in, or what I set the time zone offset to, it won’t tell me it is ok to board an international flight until it is.

I hate the time change. (I should have moved to Arizona). So far I’ve reset 2 meters, a pump, a dexcom receiver, 5 wall clocks, one sprinkler timer, one water softener, 5 watches…

I still have 3 car clocks to reset, another sprinkler timer, Keurig,

My wife helped a little. She promised to reset ovens in the kitchen but I’m pretty sure she didn’t do the Keurig.

I hate the time change.

I think we should settle on one time or the other, daylight saving or standard. California is voting on Tuesday whether to change permanently to Daylight Saving Time. You could also move to Hawaii, another seasonal time-change non-switcher.

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That’s curious – mine doesn’t. I suspend delivery, change the time, start delivery, everything’s back to normal. Do you have an older model of PDM? Or is this another difference between American and Canadian PDMs?

I think it’s only the older versions of the black PDM (i.e. the first issues of the current version); these are the PDMs which fail because the battery backup stops working so if the batteries are changed the Omnipod has to be changed too. Mine failed that way a month or so ago and, yes, the new one does allow bolus calculations immediately after a clock change!

So they did at least fix that, I wonder what else they changed. The PDM does still say “date/time changed” on the home screen instead of displaying the right time (i.e. the time of the bolus in the new time zone.)

John Bowler