Dear universe: lay off a bit, please?

So last week, our cat got lost and it took 3 days to find her. Yesterday, I fell in the garage and sprained my foot. I’m now on crutches and feeling miserable. The only pain reliever I can take is tylenol, which means that I have to choose between the dexcom or relieving the pain in my foot, and I feel downright naked without the dexcom. I’m trying not to worry about my babies and trust that they are fine and growing well, but I don’t have another appointment until June, so I’m just nervous about that. I really hope I start showing or something, just to get reassurance about them.

And to top it all off, I’ve got my bi-weekly appointment with my endo tomorrow, and those appointments always stress me out. Plus, I’m going to start on my pump tomorrow, too, which has me freaked out as well.

I just want to have an uneventful few weeks, please.

Hi. A little slice of the universe was listening–you found your cat! Really, your pump is sure to be a great help. Best of luck to you all, and if the universe is listening, maybe it’ll send me a bit of spring sunshine soon.

Hugs and prayers wending your way…I hope it’s smooth sailing for a good, long while.

Hugs coming your way. I’ve been there and come out the other end. You will soon be wondering why you didn’t look forward to the pump :slight_smile: Put up your feet, have a cup of whatever, and read a good book. Hope you feel better soon!

I might not be all good on the advice, but, Have you ever seen the secret, or read the book, The Gift?
It is about talking with the universe. POSITIVE thinking, I know that it is hard now, but? For example, my father always complains of traffic, guess what:) MORE TRAFFIC.
Or you get up in the morning, and stub your toe, now, your whole life can go out of control because the stubbing of the toe threw your day off, or, you can just try to brush it off, and continue to stay positive!
Plus things happen in threes sometimes, but it sounds like you are kinda caught in an avalanche, but you will be fine, just stay positive!
It’s kinda like Aladin, he says,“Your wish is my command”, now throw a wish out to the universe, but, you have to stay positive, and believe that you have already received the gift.
Like instead of saying, "I hope my numbers will be good, say, I have great numbers, and they may continue to get better. Just wish I can get good numbers, but I am allllllll over the place, had a 430 last week, and continue to have lows, like 40< I adjust my basals myself, I don’t think I have been to an endo since last month, or ?
Yea, now I should follow the same advice that I am giving, but it is discouraging to not achieve the desired results.
Just wish the best for ya:)

I accidentally read it as you fell in the garbage, and thought that sounded really bad!!! But seriously, take one thing at a time, and survive! I think you’ll like the pump, and it really does make things easier. Best wishes floating your way! :slight_smile:

Oh, I feel so bad for you. It is a shame about the tylenol. Can you take Advil or Motrin? Also, good luck with your appointment tomorrow. I hope you like your new pump.