Delivery issues with Byram Healthcare

Deliveries from Byram are far too often late or barely in time. I had this experience both with G5 and G6 CGM supplies. A standard delivery date is always touch-and-go when it falls near a weekend, but if there is a holiday anywhere near, I have had 5+ days of no coverage no matter when I order.

Big part of the problem is communication to the doctor - it seems ridiculous that a specific fax approval has to be sent to them every month. If the doctor’s office is tardy returning the form or the doc is on vacation, Byram just waits and waits with no action as the renewal date comes and goes.

This month, they sent the approval form to the wrong fax number. The doc had made no phone changes & didn’t know it had been sent. Byram made no attempt to contact them after more than a week of no response. Then it’s July 4 weekend and doc takes an extra day off. Order was supposed to ship on 6/29, now they will overnight it to arrive on 7/8.

Byram sends all kinds of emails and texts reminding you to order. After they send a confirmation email, the order seems to regularly disappear into another dimension.

I switched from Byram to US Med three months ago due my having to step in every 30 days to manage the four-way communication disfunction between me, Byram, my doctor’s office, and the insurance payers. Every 30 days I had to get on the phone and find out where in the process my Dexcom CGM supplies were stuck. If I didn’t get involved then the order would languish.

Due to this dysfunctional process, my CGM supplies would get delayed at a minimum a few days to longer each month. This produced “calendar creep” whereby the 30 days of supplies had to cover 32 days, then 35 days, then 40 days.

I then read about other people using a supplier, US Med, who ships 90 days of Dexcom CGM supplies and does it on-time each 90 days. I simply respond to an email or text that they send about 17 days before the 90-day period elapses.

Medicare Part B with a secondary supplemental plan is my insurance and US Med seems to be able to work with them without throwing the burden on me to manage the whole resupply process. I don’t miss the follow-up phone calls to my doctor’s office, Byram, and the insurance offices. The circular finger-pointing wore me out.

Byram just switched me to a 90 day supply order (no hassle) after I complained about the same thing. I never was confident after ordering that they would get to me in time, and God help it if there was a holiday involved.