Dexcom woes

I have this need to express my stress levels in dealing with Dexcom. After over a year, my endocrinologist convinced me to obtain a Dexcom CGM. She submitted the paperwork, and I was informed by Dexcom that it would be sent out in early December. When nothing was sent, I contacted them, and got five different reasons, from five different reps, as to why the CGM was not sent. Then, over the course of the next few weeks, I did the work of the Dexcom sales rep and secured the correct coding from my insurance, had the process of approval expedited, and basically did the sales rep’s job (who, BTW, never returns my phone calls). Now, I was told that the CGM would be sent overnight on Dec. 26. When that didn’t occur, I was told on the 27th that it would be sent out by end of day. Today, I was informed that due to the fact there are test strips in the order, it is on a shipping delay. Of course, the matter of an insurance deductible is now in play if this is not billed by Dec. 31. Right now, my impulse is (if the package ever arrives) to write “Return to Sender” and no longer have to deal with any stress associated with Dexcom.
Thanks for reading of my very unpleasant, ongoing, experiences with Dexcom.

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TRUST ME, you do NOT want to “shoot yourself in the foot” by not using the Dexcom system, bet it a G5 or G6. You aren’t going to find a better way to get 288 decently accurate readings per day. While it blows chunks that there will possibly be some financial woes involved, do NOT make your body pay because your brain is pissed off. Get the Dexcom whenever you can, however you can.


Thanks for the reply. But, at this point, after more than a two months of inaccurate information, and having to step in and “do” the sales rep’s job, I am very much “beside myself” with frustration.
Rather than further aggravate myself, I’ve “thrown in the towel”. If it arrives (and is billed before year’s end), it arrives. If not, I’ll be contacting my endocrinologist in January and find out what further steps may be taken.

of course u are aggravated. I’d be. who wouldn’t. but should that be cause to not use the best method to keep watch day and night (it’s great when it keeps you alive when u are asleep, by alarming for lows and highs) over your glucose levels? but hey, I’m not a Dexcom salesperson, so it’s no financial loss to me if you don’t get it. but I will still feel bad for you if you give up on it because I know its worth. it can SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Find a new sales rep. Immediately.
Complain to the supervisor.

Call the Patient Care folks at 888-738-3646. They are good.

If you call the general help line, ask for a supervisor. Don’t talk to anyone but someone in charge. Keep track of names and titles…ask for direct numbers.

Have your endo light a fire.

Never give up.

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For my insurance plan, the ship date is the “date of service” used for the coverage. The billing (invoice to me) comes much later, but denotes ship date as DOS.

I received shipment today from my supplier, and know it will make this year’s insurance.

Yes, and that’s part of the problem. It was “guaranteed” to be shipped by various representatives on Dec. 4, 8, 16, 26, 27. The last “guarantee” was that it would be at my mailbox no later than today.
Right now, there is a 10% chance that it will be mailed out on 12/31.
Frustrating. Very frustrating.

Thanks for the information!

Dexcom never used to be this way. They’re way over their heads in terms of supply demand, outsourcing it seems. I’ve been using it for years, wouldn’t even attempt to manage my T1 w/out it…but recently Dexcom’s Customer Service has been awful, literally awful. I too, just within 6 weeks have had 3 - 4 different reps, one couldn’t even spell. They’ll leave a message with no last name or return phone number. It’s getting really bad…but as mentioned, the device itself is literally life saving for me.


Thanks to the many replies (they meant more, amidst my stress and strain). Nothing is moving forward at this point. I phoned Dexcom, spoke with a supervisor (Thanks T1Forever), and also “fired” my sales rep (Thanks, again, T1Forever). After filling in the supervisor with my months of woes in attempting to obtain a CGM, she said that the company’s VPs have stated that any orders which were released to the warehouse as of 12/28 (mine had been released to the warehouse on 12/4) are to be shipped out today (12/29) or Monday (12/31). Also, if there are any delays, Dexcom reps would work with insurance companies to not have customers charged where deductibles are a concern. I told the supervisor I am thankful for the information, but I have a deeply sour “taste” with my primary experience with Dexcom. Now, I must stop my daily heart-rate raising phone contacts with Dexcom, and see if, in fact, the CGM is mailed out. Again, thanks to all who posted on this thread!


I hope they bill by 12/31. Just for kicks call the billing office to see if it was billed yet early Monday. They will be probably leaving early. They should be able to check your deductible status in manner of minutes. I know I get it. Is the order date the billing date?

The method is that once the package is mailed, that is the billing date. My call earlier today filled in the supervisor with my frustration at each step of the way, up to that phone call. At no time was I made aware that Dexcom is in over its’ head, but to have all the VPs and staff in work on the usual “off day” (Saturday), speaks volumes. It would appear that I am far from the “only one” to encounter this abysmal service. I was offered the chance to cancel the order. I declined to do so, if only for the reason that I have invested over 50 hours in phone calls for the past two months; along with the aggravation and frustration.

I got caught in that endless loop this summer. After 6 weeks of back and forth with Dexcom, my insurance company, and the DME benefits coordinator to get all the paperwork and approvals together Dexcom calls me I’m only approved for the G5 and tells me they cannot process my claim for my insurance provider and that my file was being transferred to US Medical. OK?!?

They took a minute to get the file transferred and weren’t too bad to deal with although my doctor had to resubmit the medical necessity paperwork again because the original one was on Dexcom’s form and not US Medical’s. Then a few days later I received a notification that UPS was delivering a package and it was the G6. Just submitted my first reorder to US Medical in response to their reminder that my last sensor is due to start next week.

Hi Everyone, I am having continuing woes with Dexcom. My last order took 8 weeks because of the move to G6. This time, they have lost my order twice over the course of one month – thankfully I have a voice message from them early last month confirming the original order. Does anyone have the phone number of email of a senior executive at the company who has the actual authority to search their systems and confirm original order dates??

I’ve never had to escalate anything with Dexcom over the course of the last 18 months. Not so with Medtronic. I had to reach the president’s office to get Medtronic to stop falsely billing me about $500 years after a pump upgrade. I had no luck dealing with the horrible people in the Medtronic billing department. After all these years, I still remember the aggravation stemming from THEIR error and their refusal to correct it. Someone close to the president of the company finally fixed it for me. Between that horrible experience and the trouble I had with Enlites, is it any wonder I’m not interested in getting a 630/670? :slight_smile: It’s time to move on. Tandem will undoubtedly be my next pump. Good luck with your issue!!