i have been diabetic for a year now and have never been so low . how do i handle this disease ? i am a devoted dad of three great kids , i have a wonderful wife , but i am sinking deeper every day , does it get easier ?

I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time, Mick. Adjusting to diabetes takes time and sometimes despite our best efforts it goes astray. Yes, it does get easier once you get a handle on a routine that works for you and that controls your blood sugars which reduces anxiety. Perhaps people on here can help if you give us some more information about how things are going for you. What do you do to manage your diabetes? What kind of diet? Exercise? Do you take oral meds? And how are your blood sugars. Have you been able to get control at all since your diagnosis, and has it gone astray recently? If you give some details about your management and the results I’m sure you’ll get lots of suggestions. Meanwhile, hang in there. If the emotional toll is getting to you, you might be suffering from Depression and will want to see your doctor or a therapist to get some help with that. It’s not unusual for people with Diabetes, unfortunately.

I was diagnosed back in March of '09 and I was doing really well, but now I’m in a slump. I think it’s normal to have high times and low times as far as management. It’s ongoing, so it’s not like we can just quit or give up. I definitely understand how you’re feeling…been there!! Once you get a routine that works for you (like the first poster said) it will get easier.Just hang in there.

Mick, whatever you do, please don’t give up. A diagnosis of diabetes is a very difficult thing to live with. I was diagnosed in Aug. 09. Many times since then I have felt as if I were living on an island all alone. Everyone in my family can eat, drink, and snack any way they want, while I must carefully consider everything that goes into my mouth. This disease requires active participation - medicine, diet, etc.

I don’t know if this will help, but research, research, research. If you can find out as much about this disease and learn how to manage it, you’ll feel more in control. I’m sure your wonderful wife will be supportive and interested in everything you learn about diabetes.

This was a rough day for me as well. Sometimes I simply get tired of having diabetes. It irritates me, it infuriates me. IThat being said, it is a disease that can be managed and lived with quite well. Information is power. Don’t give up!

I would say it does get easier in that taking care of ourselves becomes more routine. You’ve just come through what I consider the toughest time of year - Halloween through Valentines Day - all the “yummy” holidays!!! No one can judge you for feeling low or sinking deeper every day at this time of year.

Mick, don’t keep your feelings to yourself. This is a great website - everyone here understands how you feel and I think we all have been there. If you need help coping, let it pour out here. Everyone here is a friend.

Sorry about what’s going on with you. Let me tell you how I have handled this for years…I had 2 children who gave the will to keep going on and now I have 3 grandkids from my Type 1 daughter. I’m a Type 1 too. Don’t forget that lovely wife. My husband was also one of the reasons I made it through.

You and I, as well as everybody here. have been presented with the biggest challenge of a life time. I have survived for 52 years with T1. I was diagnosed at the age of 3 in 1958. There are times I want to give up but I ride the “storm”. I talk to my endo and he has some comforting thoughts. He knows it is troubling. At least mine understands and does not scoled me.
Keep a stiff upper lip.
Anything is possible if you try.

Mick, my heart is with you. I have been diabetic for 10 years, 8 of those years I have taken care of myself. But the first two years I wouldn’t even think of it. May I ask what about the disease makes you feel so low? I know it is a lot to take in, and a lot to do to take care of yourself. But you have three/four great reasons to take care of you, IF you don’t do it for yourself.
What are the reasons do you think that this has gotten you down? As you probably have read here, there is some depression that goes with this disease…all you have to do is run through the posts and threads and you can see that. Have you talked to your doc about how you feel? Maybe, just maybe part of your feeling low about it is the type of med you are on…I am assuming that you are a type II; because I am…if not…it’s still important to talk to your doc about it though. Maybe if you share more with us, we can help walk you through it. Please. YOU ARE in control, not the disease. Kiss those kids and your wife…and know that they need you to be there for you. Okay?

One of the best things you can do Mick is make it a habit to read TU everyday. This will help keep you focused and learn what others are doing to cope. Good luck

listen to this

Also, this may be helpful, the video below is very encouraging !!!

Take things one at a time Mick…the first few will always be a challenge. Because we have to incorporate some if not a lot of changes in our lives ones a diabetic…like healthy living, diet and exercise, self control and discipline. Try to develop and focus on certain goals that will make all things possible and easier to do… like your children and your wonderful wife, love for life, etc … Focus on these motivations… Things will turn out much better =)
Try equipping yourself with information regarding our condition…sometimes learning about diabetes will give us a better understanding and appreciation of what we are going through…and finding ways and means to deal with this.
Try this site… . I have learned much from it.
I wish you the best Mick =)

Sorry to hear that you’re having som much difficulty with diabetes Mick. My advice that i give my clients is that the more you know about the disease the less scary it is. I don’t know if it gets easier or if as you live with it (and I say live with it because it is a part of you) you learn what your limitations are as far as what you can eat and how things affect your sugars. This community is great for the simple fact that everyone knows a little bit of what you’re going through and is more than happy to give you advice and help when you need it. Just know that you can live a healthy happy life with diabetes and that everything will be alright. Whenever you are feeling down or frustrated just think about your kids. I know I always try to think about my family and friends when i’m feeling a little down and I’m imediately happy. Smile Mick, they’re contagious:)

Had it nearly 22 years. And yes, it does get easier. I agree with billy, education is the key. You will become an advocate. You will become very defensive of the disease, because it becomes part of you. You will be angry at people who do not take care of themselves because diabetes is one of the most controllable chronic illnesses. If anyone who has been diagnosed tells me they never went through a period of time that resembled Kubler-Ross’s 5 stages of grief, I’d say they were lying. It takes some people longer to get to the acceptance phase but most of us make it there. Make sure your family knows how you feel. Make sure your primary doctor knows how you feel. Journal your feelings. In 20 years when you’ve hit that acceptance phase (it won’t take that long, this is hypothetical) you can share all those journaled feelings with some other person who will feel just like you do now. And yes, it does get easier.