Dexcom app iOS 16 (works for me)

Just wanted to share I’ve updated to iOS 16 and so far my Dexcom app is working normally.

If it helps I have an iPhone 12 Pro.

Just posting because some times I’ve seen others concerned if they update will Dexcom app work. It seems Dexcom won’t update their website to say it works with the latest iOS for months even when it does work.

Update at your own risk :wink:


Mine updated itself without asking me, I mean the dexcom ap. And then promptly forced me to enable critical alerts which messed up everything for good. I am turning the app off completely when I am at work now and using my receiver.

Thanks for the info.

Any chance you use the Tandem t:connect app as well? I got a warning from them to not update to iOS 16 and I’ve been holding off so I’d love to hear.

I do MDI so only have the dexcom app

I have a 4 year old T-Slim and an IPhone 13 with IOs16 ,
t-connect & Dexcom work perfectly