T:connect 2022 update experiences

I installed the new 7.6 Tandem software update this morning (I’m on the “limited launch” list, but I understand the application will go into general release soon). It went fine. Pump and phone hooked up right away, and the Dexcom only took a few minutes to reconnect. No obvious problems. So now I should be able to see and do some additional things from my iPhone, such as programming and starting a bolus…

…except the new “Bolus” button doesn’t show up on my t:connect Dashboard on the phone!

Everything else is apparently working, and I’ve gone through all the necessary and recommended settings on the phone. I sent an inquiry to Tandem (on a slightly inappropriate contact page, since I couldn’t get through to any proper support person on the phone [not the first time]), and will probably either (A) get a solution from them, or (2) find out, about 10 minutes after I post this message, how to fix this myself (that’s what usually happens).

But…any other early adopters run into this?


Keith Johnson
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Keith, I am supposed to be on the early launch buf so far have not had 90 uninterrupted minutes to go through the setup and training they sent. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe tonight?! I am a volunteer, type doesn’t matter and am on email/text a huge amount even on weekends so… I have no idea if I can get thru the first part but won’t know till I try. Sunday night. I have volunteer tasks but guess I put them off one more time and try this thing. I am hoping that after I learn it that iphone will be optional if I don’t like it. I have no problem looking at the pump!

Yes, the iPhone is definitely optional. I waited to do it until I was sure that was the case. Partly that was because I’ve lost two iPhones to pickpockets while on overseas trips to different countries (you’d think I’d learn…).
Since I can’t currently use the iPhone to give myself boluses, it’s a good thing I don’t have to have it! :slight_smile:


Keith Johnson
Retired Celestial Wizard and Keeper of the Cosmic Keys
From the Diabetic Dictionary:
Bolus: from the Latin for “best guess.”

I like the "Bolus: from the Latin for “best guess.”
My Endo tells me I make pretty good guesses since I just guessed before the Tandem forced me to look at packages and calorieking. I still am ‘bolus/guessing’ sometimes on the grams pretty much but it’s pretty amazing what years of experience can do.