Dexcom AW Complications app: watchSugar 1.0 is now released!

Continuing the discussion from Beta testing an app for Dexcom Apple Watch Complications:

Update: Adam A. Wolf, a T1D iOS developer, has released his Dexcom Apple Watch Complications app called watchSugar on the App Store. Here is a part of the developer’s announcement:

"Meet watchSugar. I’ve been using it consistently in the past month and it’s really been a game-changer for me. The watch face really takes a lot of friction out of diabetes management. As I imagine it will be useful to more people that just me, I’ve decided to release it to the public. It is now available on the App Store and the code is on Github.

Thanks so much to everyone who helped me beta test. Together we knocked out many considerable issues through testing.

Also: apologies to those of you who didn’t make it into the beta and had to wait. My initial call for testers ended up being spread far and wide which got to be pretty over-whelming. At a certain point I had to stop accepting new testers. At least your wait is now over. Enjoy!"


it was, a fun Beta, but if you like me, you take on more, then you can do,.

but it is a nice app,.

Does this only work on the Apple Watch?

I went to the App Store on my iPhone and downloaded and launched the app. That process was very fast. Then I had to go to the watch screen that shows all my apps and launch watchSugar. It loaded flawlessly. The screen now shows a small view of the digital time in the upper right hand corner with a BG number next to a blood drop symbol accompanied by an BG direction arrow. Nicely done and the price is right!


OK. I may not be the quickest glucose-tech fanantic but I finally figured out how to make the watchSugar do what it was really designed to do. That is, appear as a “complication” on my watch face. Duh!


This app is only for AW. There are other options available for Pebble and Android watches. You may take a look at this recent TuD topic.

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i have it, on my, to.

i been using the Dexcom one, to, so far i like the watch,Sugar one,.

for apple watch owners interested in trying out watchSugar, i made a quick how-to guide.

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thanks for the guide, it will help me out, on it,.

Your quick how to guide link goes to the Dexcom Share user guide. Is this what you intended?

@AhnCall Could you re-link the how-to-guide?

Can someone share instructions on how to set this up? I have logged into my dexcom account with watchsugar…nothing showing up.

How do I configure the G5 iOS app to work with it?

  1. Download the app.

  2. Open the app on your phone and log in using the same log in you have with Dexcom.

  3. Go to your iWatch app on your phone and go to “My Watch,” then tap on “Complications” and make sure that WatchSugar is included in your usable ‘complications’ (a horrible word for technology for diabetics!)

  4. Customize your watch face by pressing on the watch face and pressing the ‘customize bar,’ and use the digital crown on the side of your watch to put the WatchSugar app/numbers on your watch face.

You can use this Apple page for further info on customizing your iWatch face:

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Fantastic game changer!!! THANK YOU !!!

How often is it updating the readings?

I think it says every 17 minutes. . .so it isn’t as ‘up to the minute’ (or up to each 5 minutes’ as the Dexcom app. I’m going to ask if he’s working on an update. . .

Again - THANKS. Just curious if you are working on an update that will have less space between updates (more in line with Dexcom’s 5 minutes)?

I have followed the instructions listed above, made sure my iOSs are up-to-date, and restarted my phone, but I can’t get it on my face. It just shows a blood drop, --MG/DL. Did anyone else have this happen and find what went wrong? I was so excited for this app.