Dexcom Customer Support and Sales Slow?

I have contacted Dexcom several weeks ago to get the ball rolling on the 7+ system. Has anyone else noticed that Dexcom drags there feet? When we started with the OmniPod from Insulet Corporation I couldn’t beleive how quickly the process went (what an awesome experience). I know for a fact that the Dexcom is covered by our insurance so Dexcom… why are you dragging your feet? Don’t you want our $$$ especially in this troubled economy.

Give them a follow-up call. As I always say, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease!”


I had a similar experience when I first expressed an interest in the 7+ system last August/Septmeber. In fact I even called my insurance company to see if they were holding up the process and they told me that I had the coverage and they were not slowing anything down. When I called Dexcom back I basically became aggressive and insistent about sending me a system. When they knew that I knew that they were the cause of the delay, it seemed to break up the logjam.

At one point I asked them if they were suffering from a sensor shortage but they insisted that they were not.

I don’t get it either. I can only conclude that their insurance coordination department or system has problems. Maybe the insurance companies are purposely slow handling CGM approvals so that they can hang onto their money longer.

Luckily, their 7+ system is top notch. I have no complaints about the hardware or data management software. I should get my December 31 A1c results next week and I expect that it has dropped a full point since starting on the Dex.


DexCom is the worst when it comes to customer service!!!
I had a horrific past couple of weeks with them.
Late November, my daughter (6) went through a week long trail for the 7 plus CGM. We came to the conclusion “it was better than slice toast”. On December 3rd we completed all the necessary paperwork to obtain one for her and turned it in to the clinician who faxed it over to DexCom headquarters.
Weeks went by and then finally on Jan 6th I called DexCom. I spoke with a sales support agent who said that she wasn’t my rep, but stated that in the notes from the dr. office we did not want the product and this was just a trial run. Unbelievably so not true! Thus I was incredibly upset and reflected this to the rep and requested our sales support person give me a call the following day as I wanted to know who she spoke to at the dr.’s office – as I could not believe they would relay this information to DexCom. The following day I followed up with the dr.’s office and this is not what was relayed to DexCom. Then I received a phone call on my cell phone from my rep stating that somehow the information was incorrectly commuicated to them. HA
So I contacted DexCom and they stated the dr.’s office gave them a disconnected phone number as they tried calling me on December 10th. Well I stated back to my so wonderful rep that why didn’t she try my cell phone, as she had the correct number as she left me a message that morning. Dah! She then went on to tell me that it was a data entry error and that they would submit the request to the insurance company. I told her I wanted to know why a decision that we didn’t want the product was made without the customer (my) input. She stated they try not to call customers. Wow this makes sense to me, why would I want to call a customer to sell a product? She also advised me during our conversation that our insurance covered the product at 100% so there would be no out of pocket costs but that she needed some paperwork from me and took down my email address to send it to me. I responded back to her that the clinician had all the paperwork and that I’d email her what was turned in to the clinician over a month ago! Can you feel my frustration here? I then called my insurance company to see if in fact DexCom had contacted them as I at this point didn’t trust the sales rep I was talking to. I also contacted her manager, who could have cared less, and I’m holding my breath waiting for a return call from him! I think I’m turning purple! The insurance company rep told me that they had called and quoted them yesterday – on Weds January 6th. Thursday January 7th came and went with no news. Then on Friday I was sent an email from the DexCom rep stating…
Sent: Friday, January 08, 2010 12:15 PM
To: Cc:
Subject: DEXCOM
Good Morning ,

I called Anthem this morning to check on the status of J ’s Authorization. It is pending and the case number is I spoke with there and she stated they have two days to review. I will follow up on Monday if I don’t hear anything before then. Thank you.

So I responded thanking her for being finally proactive and that if I could be of further assistance to let me know.

Fast forward to later that afternoon, ½ hour before my insurance company closes for the weekend.

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Friday, January 08, 2010 4:26 PM
Subject: RE: DEXCOM

We just received a phone call from at Anthem and per the medical director J was denied because she does not show ongoing low blood glucose levels below 50. She can be reached at . At this point a letter was sent out and we will have to appeal. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

You have got to be kidding me! Well I’m not going to accept this. I’m going to fight for what’s best for my daughter….


p.s. I will keep you posted on how I make out.

Keep up your persistent advocacy on your daughter’s behalf. I can’t believe the inept customer service that you have received! It’s worth the fight – the Dexcom 7+ is awesome.


Thanks Terry!

I plan on calling the insurance company this morning to find out exactly why she was denied.
I’ll keep you posted.

My personal experience with DexCom has been very positive. The corporate people have been quick and sharp. My local instructor is the best. She is caring and diligent in following up. DexCom have consumer friendly policies and are pleasant to do business with.

Welll the good news is that we finally received the Dexcom 7+ and absolutely love the device. Now that I look back I would have to say that there were just to many people in the loop when it came to placing the order. Because Dexcom did not have an agreement in my insurance network we were forced to use another avenue that was in network. So it had taken alot of time to push the paper work from the initial order to the doctors office back to dexcom then to this 3rd party then to the insurance company for approval then back to the 3rd party then back to dexcom then finally shipped. So all total it had taken approx 1 month. But everyone along the way was very pleasant and worked very hard to get thing moving.

I’m glad you finally got it! It’s a wonderful device that completely changed the way I look at diabetes.

The DexCom system is not covered under Medicare guidelines except for certain cases of type 1 diabetes. Since a great many insurance plans use the Medicare guidelines, many requests for coverage are shoved around and around before coverage can be determined. Its the insurance system more than Dexcom. I am on Medicare plus a supplementary plan so all attemps to get coverage failed but it took time to get the request reviewed. Once I whipped out my credit card and said I would pay, things moved very quickly. Within days I had my equipment and my first meeting with my instructor.


Yes… it took a MONTH to get mine and my insurance approved it no problem. It was more than a week from when I faxed my paperwork (TWICE - they claimed to have not received it the first time) before they submitted it to my insurance. Then my insurance approved it, and it still seemed like Dexcom dropped the ball on it - I had to call and tell them my insurance cleared it before they finally got around to shipping it.

Very frustrating :frowning:

Comments from people on other forums almost elude to the fact that Dexcom is often short on receivers though… so if there’s an intentional delay, I would suspect that is why.

When I order sensors I usually get them within two days though… so not everything about them is super duper slow.