Dexcom G5 and Edgepark help

Hi I was wondering if anyone has received there Dexcom through Edgepark medical supply. I posted about the denial in January and finally we are almost to the point of getting it.
I received the sensors last Friday and I am still waiting on the Transmitter and Receiver it said this morning it was processed for shipping and tonight it went to back ordered again. Hopefully I will get it next week who knows. I was hoping someone else had to use them and what there experience was.

I have always had great service with Edgepark. I have asked them why I have great service and others struggle and they have told me it is become my insurance is good.

So I have no idea what your situation is, but be open to the idea that it is not Edgepark but rather your insurance.

But whatever the problem, I hope that you receive your Dexcom hardware soon.

Yeah they always seem very nice and want to help, I guess I am just frustrated because it has taken so long to get to this point. I also have a T-Slim in the works so I am hoping I will get that before the end of the year LOL. :grinning:

I"ll probably just call them and see what is up again today.