Dexcom G7 video from Nerdabetic

Yesterday (Monday), Nerdabetic posted a YouTube video where he goes over the current Dexcom G7 promises/expectations. If you are interested in this sort of thought experiment, then the link below may be of interest to you.

Just be aware that Nerdabetic lives in the UK, and I don’t think subtitles are available. :man_shrugging:


I’ll likely uses this product but I don’t see any substantial improvements for the user. If it’s more accurate on the normal/low range then that would be important.

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Saw this yesterday, He’s a good researcher and likes to try new things including DIY looping and goes to a lot of new diabetes device conventions (pre-covid) and reports back.

That’s one weird accent. I can’t really place it, usually I can tell what part on the uk a person is from by their accent however this one is odd kind of a mis between a far south London and a posh accent.
But as for the sensor I think the smaller size is key. And if the cost is the same then we have reduced our cost because we don’t need to buy the transmitters.
I don’t know if they will increase the price, but there is more competition out now so we might see s reasonable price in the end.

Supposedly it’s going to cost less, but fom what I’ve read in the investor call transcripts, they don’t seem to think price is a factor. They say the average user pays $60/per sensor (I didn’t look it up again, it’s 60-something), after insurance, which is right on par with the Libre. Their words, not mine. And that they’ll continue to work to expand insurance coverage for more people, especially type 2.

There’ss very little discussion in the investor calls at all about how prohibitive the price is for those of us without insurance coverage. They just sort of skirt the issue. We’re not their target audience.

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I’ve always liked this guy. His explanations have always been informative and usually is pretty soon in the process of a release.

I like the smaller size but that’s not a big deal. But the odds are we won’t be able to restart them and that is a big deal. Someone has barely come out with restarting a Libre in another country and maybe with all the American type 1’s that use Dexcom maybe someone will figure it out but???

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I think some folks will also consider reducing the warm up time to 1 hour to be a significant (to them) improvement. If that is in fact part of what is included when the G7 ships. :wink:

I couldn’t help but wonder what the G7 transmitter range might be. When he was discussing the Apple watch I was thinking “Will you need to move the watch to be on the same arm you installed the G7 on for it to reliably connect?” :upside_down_face:

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Ugh, its sooo small. I’m gonna loose that thing. Increased accuracy makes it worth it, though.

Kamil (AKA Nerdabetic) is eastern European, not from England but he’s lived in England since he was a kid so his accent is understandably a mix between his home country and British schooling.


Store the stockpiled ones in a plastic zip lock bag(s). Hopefully the adhesive will be enough to avoid losing the one you have inserted into your wherever. :smiley_cat:

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Hopefully it will be like the Libre and come individually wrapped and boxed. Once inserted keeping it in place looks to be as simple as applying an overpatch.

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I hope that Dexcom has improved their knowledge of adhesive allergies and possibly gives users some choice as to what adhesive they buy. I’m lucky that I exhibit no sensitivities to the Dexcom adhesives but I know that some people really suffer with that.


These are all great questions you’ve raised - cost, restarting, etc. I’m also wondering though how quickly it will be able to work with the T:slim CIQ. Has anyone heard about that? Thanks!

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I spoke with a dexcom rep a year ago at a a JDA event just before we shut down for covid.
She told me that the g7 will use the same coding system as g6 and so a pump that accepts one will accept the other.

This was key for me because I was researching which pump to get at that time.

However you know, things change before they hit the market.

I’m also sure the g6 will be around a while.

Dexcom is being integrated more and more into systems. I am certain this was something they worked into the equation.

Will we be able to restart this one???

You can be sure they will do everything they can to prevent it.
We will see

My guess is that the G7 transmitter would be a very different beast than a G6. Why would “restart” even be something a G7 transmitter could do? Since the G7’s transmitter and sensor are expected to be integrated, the transmitter would be assumed to be used once and only once, no? :thinking:

The transmitter’s internal logic will probably disable/brick the transmitter when the CGM stops working after the first successful warm up. After all, the integrated transmitter/sensor unit is supposedly being discarded at that point.

I am curious what type of battery the G7 will use and how long the G7’s “unopened” shelf life will be. But we probably won’t learn more about details like that until the G7 is much closer to whatever it’s eventual release date turns out to be.

I read somewhere that the G7 sensors with integrated transmitter/battery are supposed to cost less than what I assume is the cost of separate G6 sensors and transmitters combined with the longer 14 day vs. 10 day normal sensor life. Restarting sensors has never been dependable for me and I rarely get more than 20 days out of G6 sensor with a restart and 14 days is average. So if the G7 offers 14 days of accurate sensor life at the same cost of G6 sensor that may last 14 days with restarts I’ll take it. Also if a G7 sensor fails during the 14 day sensor life I assume Dexcom will replace them like they do with the G6 sensors for 10 days.

In his video, Nerdabetic says that while Dexcom hopes to eventually support 14-15 days of use it will not do so at release. When the G7 is released it is expected to have the G6 lifetime of 10 days.

I saw that also but not sure how reliable the information is? There is going to be a lot of pressure on Dexcom to at least match the Libre 3 14-day sensor life, cost, and release date. I was so disappointed in the marginal “improvements” from the G4 in the G5/G6 systems and some felt in some areas it was a step-back. They really have to make a huge improvement in the G7 as I think they were trying to suck as much profit as they can off the existing technology that they were asleep at the wheel and was surprised by Abbot?