Dexcom Housing? (carrying case)

Last night I thought I lost Good ol’ Dex (Dexcom Seven Plus), I panicked driving to the last place I was at and searched SUV floors & seats. Finally Hubby retraced my steps by driving to last building we were at without me and once he got back in garage he heard a sound (as he wasn’t sure if it was a noise from a toy one of our three kids owned and as there are many toys in SUV) we had my trainer play an alert sound over the phone - sure enough it was Dex calling out. As Dex didn’t call out to me while I was in car (I was within range), I took my transmitter out very very carefully. Ends up that I found Good ol’ Dex wanted to go for a car ride and he was hanging on for dear life on the seat belt (between seat and wall of SUV between 2 doors) - I guess Dex started yelping for help. (LOL!)

Last night Dex kept falling off my waistband and his housing is too big for me to wear on my bra strap (Dex’s house couldn’t quite keep a good hold to my bra either).

Anyway, what do you house Dex in? I found Body Glove armband on Verizon’s wireless phone website that has a velcro backing but yet the front is a clear plastic front with a drawstring pouch. Currently Dex is in the Body Glove pouch velcro’d around my bra strap (instead of using armband) until I can find something else. I was wondering if you don’t use Dex’s original leather case, what do you use? do you like it? where did you find it (where can I buy one?)??

Thanks in advance!
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I’m looking at the dexcom and planning on getting one of these for it…

Thanks Sarah. I’ve been in search of a clear front phone case for the first model of LG Chocolate Phone - I believe if I can find one it would work perfectly for Dex - I’m afraid the velcro on the Body Glove case might lose its strength after a while.

Hope everything goes well on getting a Dexcom Seven Plus. Once approved - the company Dexcom is great about getting the CGMS FedEx out immediately and setting up training.

an option to use while driving is to put the receiver in a cell phone bracket holder (and transfer it to your belt case when you get out of the car). This way your Dex can’t go exploring between the seats and you’ll be able to see your latest CGM reading at a glance.

Thanks Don. I found an LG Phone accessory on Verizon’s website (right now they have free overnight shipping) and the price of the item is $2.97 so I bought 3 of them (Hubby actually has the phone - so if it doesn’t work for me, it will definitely work for him). I am hoping that the clip on the item isn’t similar to the leather clip on the belt clip that came with Dex. On the website it’s called Pouch with Swivel Clip and Wristlet…

Here is a link to the item…

Sarah those are Co0l Thanks!

I ended up getting this at a local running shop I like its a little bigger but I have more then Dexy to carry.


This is the specific one I bought its the bigger of the 2
Amphipod Endurance

I have never used anything other than my pockets, but I have to admit she (Louise) has slipped out of my pocket before, where I’ve scrambled like you described! I have an early seven and just saw recently that they started selling the holders on the Dex site. I’m also curious to what others recommend.

DN does not like carrying the receiver and puts it in a tiny Coach bag. However, when dancing, the purse is out of range. There are waist-its I have purchased for her pump, which are very unobtrusive, but you can still see pouch under those skin tight T shirts the girls wear. I have saved old jean’s pockets, with some jean material around the pocket. I then sewed the material inside the waistband of her shorts and it lies very flat. The pocket did have a flap with velcro (not all of the ones I saved do). However, I currently do not have enough of these jean pockets for all her shorts/pants. This is good for dance/gym as receiver can’t fall out of the pocket. It is not good for looking at the receiver, though, as you have to fish the receiver out. I would suggest a small waist-it with a clear window or maybe a cell phone case for adults.

Thought I would show Dex’s house that I bought about a month ago…"%20target="_blank""/>Photobucket' />

The clip stays clipped to me better than the housing that Dexcom gives with receiver. The Dexcom original housing kept coming unclipped from my pants.

Wow, I love this one. But only if you can wear it on the inside of the jeans. Do you think you could attach it to the belt loop and flip it over inside your pants? Alternatively, I could easily sew belt loops on the inside waist band of all her pants. Where did you purchase this one? Looks great because Dex is fitting snugly into the case.

It has a wristlet and the clip swivels… I got it through Verizon’s website. It was made to fit the original LG Chocolate phone (which Hubby has - when I bought it online, I thought if the item didn’t work for me he could use it for his phone. Luckily, I bought 3 of them as Hubby still wanted one of the cases for his phone and uses it everyday).

The item is called:
Pouch with Swivel Clip and Wristlet
and they have it on sale for:

I hope the link works (I always have problems figuring out how to put links in)…

on the Verizon Wireless website it asks for you to select a phone that you are looking for accessories for and this is what I used to find the case again…
You are shopping for accessories for the:
LG Chocolate® in Blue Ice

I don’t know if anyone else uses a pump, but I have the omnipod and the PDM is kind of big. So to have to carry around the OmniPod along with the dexcom that’s a lot of stuff. I am obsessed with Very Bradley and they have a tech case (much more fashionable than the omni pod or dexcom case) I think that I am going to purchase one and carry that around. Does anyone else have anyother fashionable cases that are nice to carry around and will hold ALL the things!!

Well, you certainly can’t beat the price! I am going to snap a few of these up. Thanks much!

What is a very bradley? person potatoe bread minieral I give!!

Do you have a link to the site of the Bradley?

Are you talking about Vera Bradley?

Sometimes website gets stock that looks very similar to Vera Bradley, I think also sells Vera Bradley.

Just got mine today. Stays on much better than the one that actually comes with the Dex, hahaha! Verizon overnighted it to me via FedEx and didn’t charge me for S&H. So I paid $2.97 and got it right away. Can’t beat that!

I just started a new discussion called “Simple Surgery On My DexCom case” There is a pdf that documents what I did. I hope I provides some ideas that help. AaronM

I just posted a craft project to modify the DexCom carrying case. see this file…

FileNotFound*i2FcJpVhK56qhneUXp7HhH8sA1ktr29hb8dfOA5EzIHHlS0bzTyhGzr1g8o2/DexCom_Case_project.pdf This long link is going to have to be joined together and manually copied into the address field. Otherwise goto my topic “Simple Surgery on My DexCom Case” and look for the PDF file I uploaded. It shows how I fashioned a neat loop and a nice label. Check it out…

Very creative! Great job.