Dexcom Initializing

I need your help. Does your Dexcom initialize often? Mine does and Dexcom is telling me that's normal.
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Thanks for your help!

Hi Colleen,
I don't know what you mean by "often", but what I can tell you is that mine goes in spurts. Sometimes I can go days without it initializing and sometimes it happens two or three times in one day. I have been told that it is most often caused by static, although I cannot say this is true for sure. Mine often happens when I am putting it back in my pocket after reading, so it could very well be static. If you keep it in the rubbery cover that it came with, that should help. Hope this is helpful.

I do keep it in the "skin," and the Dexcom person said that might be the problem. Interesting - the pocket issue is something else he mentioned. Thanks for your info!

No mention is made of humidity here. If in super dry environment, static can be a nuisance issue.

I have not seen that issue after a year plus running.

By initialize - you are seeing unit reset and delay and do 2 hour startup.

I would ensure you are keeping unit fully charged whne down to 1 bar on meter and not running flat out.

Are you getting static discharge shocks whne you walk around?

Well, yes, it's cold and the heat is on but we run humidifiers and haven't had any static issues in the house.
No 2 hour startup when it initializes.
It's always charged. I have the cord right next to my computer. :)

Thanks for replying!

It happened to me a couple of times in the last few weeks, both times I was putting it in my pocket but I never drew the connection.

My receiver initializes occasionally, usually when I am removing or returning it to my pocket. It happens less in the (humid) summer than in the (dry) winter. I received my first receiver in 2009 and it did not have the rubber skin. I had fewer reinitialization instances then.

Have had virtually no problem with this and have been on DexCom since 11/2009.

I have no idea what you're talking about, so I'm guessing I've never had this problem. Been on the Dex for almost 3 years.

Like Kim I'm not sure Ive ever seen my say "initializing"

Thanks All! Really!
Of course since posting this, it hasn't initialized once.
I really appreciate your comments as it will give me some "ammunition" the next time I speak with someone at Dexcom.

Likewise, I have no idea of what this is.

I was told not to use the skin, but to use the leather case instead. Since I quit using the rubbery skins, I have not had the system turn off once. It was happening about once a week while I used the skins. It was definitely related to removing and putting it back in my pocket.

Thanks! I really dislike the leather case but...

I saw mine initialize today - first time I recall

It was because I took he dex off for a week to scuba dive and the battery was totally dead - when I plugged it back in to charge the receiver started with Initializing. Which suggests that if you see that a lot - either you are letting it go too low on battery OR its resetting itself

I don’t know which leather case you have. I got my Dex about 10 months ago. I received one gray jelly case and one zip case made of leather(?) with a plastic top. I hated that case.

I was able to get the older style leather case. I used a seam ripper to take off the clip which I did not like. So what I have now is a slip-in leather case that I put in my pocket. I have not had the Dex turn off once since I’ve been using this case.

I would have been willing to pay for this case, but the rep I spoke to at Dexcom gave it to me for free.

What happened to me is that the Dex would make the loud alarm noise and turn off. I would have to restart the receiver. It did not make me go through the 2-hour sensor start.

One thing I hate about the Dex receiver is the loud noises it makes when it turns off and when you turn it back on.

I have the one with the plastic top. Yup, don't like it all.
There's an older style?? I'll have to call and ask about it.

I took Lathump's advice and switched to the leather case and my Dex has not initialized in two weeks. I am going to call Dex on Tuesday and ask about the earlier model case.

I had the same issues with the silicone case, when removing and placing back in my pocket. It is very dry here. I called Dexcom and they told me to put it in the "leather" case it came with and it hasn't happened at all with that. It is static related they tell me. No issues in the "leather case."