Dexcom Medicare Direct Orders

It is now official. Effective September 1, 2020 Dexcom will no longer be able to submit claims to Medicare on patient behalf. Attached is their letter. They also sent me an email yesterday and promptly had me converted to CCS Medical so that I can continue to receive my supplies by mail. They have a dedicated team at 844-535-9105 for the transition and to help you decide the best option in your area.


I was just transferred to CCS Medical. I talked to a person at CCS Thursday and they have already sent faxes to my Endo at Cleveland Clinic. Will call my Endo to make sure they received the fax from CCS,

… and after receiving sensors from Dexcom on about July 15, I got a call from Dexcom about the Medicare transfer. I switched to Solara because that is who already supplies my Tandem t:slim stuff.

Stay safe!