Dexcom transferring Medicare Recipients to DME suppliers

Got a call from Dexcom Customer Service today telling me they are transferring all Medicare Recipients to DME suppliers for future deliveries. I’m headed to CCS Medical. Not looking forward to this change at all.

We’re on Medicaid, we just got moved to local pharmacies. Very odd!?!

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Rich, I have had very good service with CCS once I was set up with them, hope you do too.

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This has been going on for at least 6 months now on a state by state basis. Dexcom announced they were implementing this about 1 year ago and it is just happening one small piece at a time to make sure all goes smoothly.

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I have CCS med. They are on a once a month schedule. I am supposed to get 3 CGMs twice a year. Check the enclosure about your order to make sure you get what it says. I only got 2 CGMs when I was supposed to get three. At least here in Utah. I phoned and they sent it.

ARRRGH!! My wife and I have spent HOURS in the past few days dealing the CCS med’s mistakes! They sent the wrong sets to my wife. So far, over 3.5 hours dealing with that. 4 phone calls. Had to box up and send the wrong sets back before they replace them. Having trouble getting them to send me 45 sets that they owe me so I get 30 instead. More time wasted going back and forth from them to my doctors office that swears they sent CCS the proper documentation.

It took CCS MONTHS to process a replacement pump for my wife. Countless calls and it turned out a rep left the company and that put the pump request in limbo for many weeks. I can’t guess how many hours we spent dealing with their ineptitude.

Thanks I will keep an eye on what my orders actually include. I’m really not a fan of DME suppliers. Dexcom was really starting to get their act together, then this. I have Byram for my Tandem supplies and I can’t really say anything complementary regarding them.

Yeah, I heard this several months ago. I will say the one blessing DexCom switched their “documentation” collection call center to a location outside of the country. Oh boy, one of the WORST calls (second only to a customer chat person I had once with Amazon). She didn’t understand how to say the words on her script…

Change can be hard ,good luck everyone. Nancy50

Change from CCS Med to Dexcom direct would be good.
Change from Dexcom to CCS Med = bad. I despise that company to my core. We have had so much trouble with them I haven’t got time to list all of the problems.

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Have had nothing positive from CC’s medical. They won’t call me back on status of my order- blame it on insurance and Dr
Been calling them for weeks now and after being on hold get disconnected.

I’m on hold right now with Edgepark to see if I can switch to them, as my Medtronic local rep suggested. I hope she is correct that it is possible to switch and also that Edgepark is better than CCS Med.
I reached Edgepark and began the process of switching over to them for both myself and my wife. They can’t be any worse than CCS Med,for us!

On Medicare , never used Dexcom directly , my supplies have always come Advanced Diabetic supplies Started on the Dexcom G5 in 2016. And have have never had any issues with them

thanks. i’ll keep that in mind in case it doesn’t work out with EP.