Is Edgepark the Only Medicare Distributor?

I received a voice message from Dexcom telling me I was being changed from Dexcom Direct to Edgepark Medical as a distributor.

Can it be true that Edgepark Medical is the ONLY Dexcom distributor for Medicare?

Is anyone covered by another Dexcom distributor that is on Medicare?


Medicare Dexcom Distributor List:

Distributor Phone Number
Byram Healthcare 800-775-4372
CCS Medical 800-949-6481
US Med 877-659-9875
Solara Medical Supplies 800-423-0896 option 2
Edgepark 866-400-5183
USHL 866-421-2732
Edwards Healthcare 877-367-2444
Advanced Diabetes Supply 877-838-3026
Diabetes Management Supply 888-738-7929
BLN 877-261-2179
Mini Pharmacy 888-545-6464

That’s exactly what I thought. Thanks CJ114.

And US Med does 90-day supplies. I think they ship to consumer but still bill Medicare monthly.

Which medical supply company can handle your needs also depends upon whether they work with your insurance company. Dexcom had Byram contact me. But I was already working with CCS Medical who were providing me with Medicare paid supplies for my Tandem x2. So I said “no thanks” to Byram and had CCS Medical supply me with the initial Medicare-paid Dexcom CGM as well as subsequent supplies. It has worked alright since August. This is my first time working with a medical supply company and not directly with the manufacturers.

I have nothing against Edgepark but am pissed off by both Dexcom leaving a voicemail and then later telling me Edgepark was Medicare’s only distributor. I do recall hearing that US Med shipped 90 days of supplies to Medicare patients. Thanks for that.

Hi Willow,

Medicare is my primary insurance and my supplemental insurance is CIGNA. Are you referring to supplemental insurance?

Everything has finally worked out. I will be using CCS Medical for Tandem and Dexcom supplies. Sometimes long-term effort works out and sometimes not

Yes, I am referring to your supplementary health insurance.

Glad it is working out for you.

I switched to Wellstart Medical because of this. never realized how much easier a 90 day order is. looks like they arent on the list but they told me they had the g6 or the libre

None of them can be fun to deal with…I personally like CCS Medical. Byram has been a massive headache the last several months. They did some massive overhaul to their computers and they were a mess. Supposedly it should be improving…