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Since Dexcom stopped shipping Sensors directly to patients, I have been using Edgepark.
Two weeks prior to my first order I called them to make sure they had all the information necessary to ship my order. I was assured they did.
My shipping date came and no tracking info. I called again and was told they needed a prescription for my transmitter, summary of my last office visit etc. I called my doctor and was told they had sent everything needed. About a week later, I received my order.
My second order 90 days later was a repeat.
Does anyone have any strong positive feelings regarding their Medical supply company?

It would probably be helpful if you stated whether you’re Medicare or not. There are only a handful of companies that seem to favorably handle the Medicare nightmare.

For instance, I LOVE Byram. They’ve just been simply incredible for me. They send me a text message when it’s time to reorder, and all I have to do is reply the number “1” to repeat my previous order.

Only once in four years did I have a delay issue, and customer support was great. I was geared up for a fight to get what I needed (new pumper without a backup stash yet)… Only to find it completely unnecessary. The rep was really concerned for me and sent me an emergency stash of 3 pump supply changes overnight, at absolutely no cost to me.

BUT… I’ve heard nightmares about them and dealing with Medicare patients.

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I am on medicare and dealt directly with Dexcom until about 5 months ago. Dexcom recommended that I use ccs medical and they have been outstanding right out of the gate. Dexcom forwarded all the records to ccs, then ccs followed up with frequent communication to let me know all was on track for the transfer from Dexcom to them. After that they have contacted me every month on the same day of the month, about 1 week before each shipment is due to go out to make sure all is in order and then ship out on the same day of the month each month as well. Once order is shipped, they let me know along with tracking number. They contact me every month by phone to make sure I need supplies and then all confirmations are both by text message and email.

These guys are awesome and certainly have their act together. The transition from Dexcom direct as well as the following month follow up have been flawless.

I’ve been using USMED and they’ve been fine so far.

I am on Medicare.
In trying to research a new company I went on Yelp. It seems that almost all of the Medical companies get very poor reviews.

I am on Medicare but also have private insurance. I love US MED!!

I’m on Medicare with a private insurance supplement plan. I had been using Byram for my Dexcom supplies but their policy was to only ship monthly. For me, every 30-day shipment date was delayed due to a revolving set of reasons.

These delays were only about a few days but Byram indexed the next shipment opportunity based on the last delayed shipment date. When I raised the issue of “calendar creep,” the customer service rep didn’t seem to understand that this practice would soon lead to me living without Dexcom supplies. They didn’t seem to appreciate the importance of CGM use to my health and safety.

I switched to US Med and now receive a 90-day supply, nine sensors and one transmitter, every 90 days, like clockwork. I’ve now received three shipment from them, all on time. The last shipment I received arrived 89 days after the prior one. I only had to respond to one email per shipment to trigger each delivery.

With Byram, I suffered making multiple phone calls to them, forced to navigate their patience-eroding phone menu, and often told that they needed paperwork from my doctor that I later confirmed had already been sent. Byram was hyper-focussed on getting paid while my needs as a Medicare customer who depended on timely shipments seemed unimportant to them.

Switching to US Med for my Dexcom supplies relieved me of the need to actively manage Byram’s poor business practices. I fully understand an occasional mistake or miscommunication but with Byram, I had to deal with poor management every 30 days. Patience is not my strong suit.


Ditto what CJ114 said about CCS Medical. I used whatever the company was that got taken over by Edgepark. Had problems with Edgepark and someone recommended Byram, so I tried them…big mistake! Nothing but problems for over 9 months. Then I got a new pump and Medtronic did it through CCS Medical (I’m on Medicare)…I have nothing but good things to say about CCS. Simple, on time, and very nice people to deal with.

I was using Edgepark for years and they were a disaster. I switched over to CCS Medical in the past year and they have been less than impressive. Fewer issues than Edgepark and better customer service over the phone, but I really had to battle with them over prior authorizations. From what I’ve read of the surrounding posts, it seems like USMED may be the best option if your insurance plan will allow it.

Thats the only choice I have, and agree.
I was able to switch to pharmacy for dexcom, but still use CCS Medical as only choice for tandem pump and supplies.
I know COVID caused some of the delays this year, and some folks working from home, so the ball was dropped a few times, and hold times were terrible.

I had good luck with Byram with employer plan coverage, and when needed my employer HR could get things resolved quickly.

On Medicare with federal BC supplement. I was on Dexcom direct order and tried for 2 months to get with Walgreens online and could never connect with a dept even with my Endo office sending orders. Gave up, went reluctantly to Edgepark that used not to do Medicare cgms. I already had to get my pump supplies from them.
I find that they have improved since my fight with them 3 years ago about Dex then. I could only get a 30 day supply from Dex but can get a 90 day supply of sensors from Edgepark. They told me it would be 3 weeks before I got my second supply and I told them I would be out in 4 days. So they did get on it and I got supplies within a week which was fine.
Since my supplement pays for my cgm supplies, I have to go with what is on the BCBS list. Byram is on the west coast and I am east coast (NC) and its fed insurance version does not allow it. Two 90 day supplies in and so far so good with Edgepark.

My insurance company didn’t deal directly with Tandem like they do with Dexcom. So my first Tandem pump was through Edgepark. I never had any issues. I did everything online.
When I got my new Tandem with basal IQ and now Control IQ, I was given the other option of Pumps, Inc. They are based in Texas and were super helpful and I get pump and Dexcom supplies every three months. I get an email, I respond & they call to verify. I wish I could just order online and have it done but it isn’t a deal breaker.

thanks for comment on CCS. Dexcom has informed me that starting in Jan I’ll need to get sensors from them. I’ll have one more order through Dexcom so I hope to get everything arranged quickly.

If you are on Medicare can you choose the company for sensor and pump supplies or do they assign the company to you?

I had the same issues with Edgepark. I switched my supplier to CCS for both Dexcom & Medtronic supplies and they have been exceptional. They contact me prior to the order date via mail, email, text & sometimes via a phone call. Everything arrives on time. I am on Medicare.

Does CCS ship a 90-day or 30-day supply?

It’s your choice.

They ship 90 day pump supplies but only 30 days Dexcom supplies. They do contact you monthly to order whatever supplies are appropriate.

Bruce Warschoff

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I’ve had the same problem with them for many years. They also have hundreds of complaints against them at the better business bureau and yet still get an A+ rating. I called the BBB and asked how they can get an A+ rating with hundreds of complaints. I was told they are a big business and are allow a certain number of complaints.


In other words, they paid a small fortune to BBB as a large company to become “accredited”, and “support the BBB mission”… And are thus given extra wiggle room. It’s always been a highly suspect practice of the Better Business Bureau to accept money from the businesses they’re ranking… And in some instances, even strongarm businesses into buying into their protection.

Also keep in mind that these customer service ratings are largely based upon traditional retail standards. Did the customer get what they paid for? There’s no penalty to them for resolving a complaint, even if it means medical supplies are shipped late. Item ordered, item received… No problem!

It’s hard to obtain unbiased opinions these days. Even reading online reviews, you have to remember that the angry customers are most likely to be vocal and may not represent the larger group of customers.

Your experience with Edgepark mirrors mine. I left them 2+ years ago, and have has one and off experiences with Dexcom, Solara, and US Med. (Examples to date: US Med shipped an open box of Tandem cartridges that were passed that stated lifespan. I then made it clear that I terminated my account, but I still get text messages that say that it’s time for an order - something that many diabetes have experienced. I called them and made it clear that I would take legal action if this did not terminate immediately, I was given such confirmation - and the next day I received the same order text message. Solara has sent the wrong product twice, despite my giving them the product’s alphanumeric ID - the most recent just a few days ago - and have yet to receive the correct product.)

As per Robyn’s post, I’ll be looking into Byram.