Dexcom sending unsolicited G6 overpatches

This was in today’s email:

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Yep, I got one also. As long as it does not cost me anything, I’ll let them send me as many as they wish. My sensor stays in place as long as my showers are brief and I don’t sweat too much. In 3 years, I lost two in showers and only one to working in the sun too long. Those patches do work well. Too well. Sometimes they feel as though they are taking the skin with them upon removal.


I like the overpatches.

I found a trick to getting them off. Pick a spot along a flat side of the sensor Pull outward from the inner hole, parallel to your skin. I use a small needle-nose pliers or tweezers to get stared. The patch material will stretch away from their adhesive. Keep pulling outward until the patch tears and use the end as a handle to stretch the remainder away from the center.

If the sensor has been applied over SkinTac, its pad can be loosened by saturating it with alcohol.

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Good because every time I try to order online the form won’t submit and they tell me to call tech support!


I love them.


To order patches? Tried on my cell and on my desktop. It never lets me finish the order.

When a website doesn’t work for one user but it does work for others there’s a problem with that users device condition.

I can say with a high level of confidence that a person who doesn’t practice maintenance on one device is unlikely to be practicing maintenance on their other devices.

This isn’t a criticism of people. It’s an unfortunate reality that computer software is still poorly designed and unable to perform routine maintenance and housekeeping.

The more intensively you use the internet the more likely it is that you’ve got a lot of useless data that you don’t need and probably would prefer not to have, automatically saved by your internet software. Much of that is saved due to an antiquated internet architecture that assumes very slow connections

(I’m so active that I have to perform maintenance daily or I can’t access my bank account)

On each device go to your web browser’s settings. Under Privacy, clear history and cookies. Restart the device and try again.

I’ll be doing more than that. My computer is old and it’s time to buy new. Which is always fun…trying to save all my stuff!

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There are issues with Dexcom itself and their overpatches shipping. They only ship via USPS, yet stupidly won’t accept PO Boxes as a valid address. It means that rural people, like myself, who don’t have a USPS street address, can’t get overpatches. The only ones I’ve ever gotten were put in with a replacement sensor… Because UPS and FedEx have no problem finding us.

Mine get sent to my P.O. Box. Dexcom has my P.O. Box as an alternate shipping address so it goes through no problem. I don’t get home mail delivery where I live either.

Your shipments or specifically overpatches ordered via the web form? Whenever I try the web form, I get an error that says “no P.O. Boxes allowed”.

I get a custom tower from a local business. Just realized their work has lasted a long time, so theyre getting my business again.

Over patches! I get my Dexcom supplies from the pharmacy.

So if not Windows then what? These guys supply Los Alamos National Labs (which could be good or bad?) with HP or custom builds.
Keeping slightly on topic, has anyone been able to get Dex 7 at all? My CDE said no one has been able to get the new system around here.
And I didn’t get free patches nor the ones I ordered!

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Thanks for the info. Don’t get me going on Apple, I love my Apple stuff. But hubby will strangle me if I don’t go shopping and get the decision done. That said, these folks also sell refurbished. See you next diabetes topic! You can delete :slight_smile:

If I had a spouse who pressured me to make what I regard as a very personal decision, I’d immediately shop for a different - spouse. :wink:

btw, I left one post up. Cleaning your cache may solve your Dexcom webform issue.

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Nah, I got 39 yrs in with him. :slight_smile:

I’d also hate to let go of what l’ve had for years (44 and counting) that has served me faithfully and with no complaints.

If you are getting a Windows PC, I got one of these tiny PCs and a Dell 24" monitor last Thanksgiving and have been beating on it with a largish database. Other than the annoying monthly updates it’s been outstanding. I have Office 365 installed for professional compatibility, but find myself using Google Workspace more often.

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Ha! Brings to mind an old Mad Magazine cartoon by the late, great Don Martin:

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I’ve gotten the free overpatches in my last two shipments of sensors. As it happens, though, I don’t need them. I use IV Prep solution pads to final-cleanse my skin before inserting a sensor; these have a bit of adhesive solution in them (I think that’s the case: something like that, anyway), and my sensor pads stay down all the way to the edge for the full period every time, without fail, and without overpatches. Maybe those of us who receive them but don’t use them could send them to someone who needs them but can’t get them?


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