Dexcom sensor supplier

I have not had good luck using Edgepark as my supplier for Dexcom sensors. However, there are only a few companies my insurance company will allow.

Does anyone have experience with any of the 3 below?
Better Living Now 631.348.0032
Byram Healthcare 1-877-902-9726
CCS Medical 800.726.9811

Any information would be helpful
Thank you

CCS Med - good.
Have you tried pharmacy?

I get my monthly supplies directly from Dexcom.

My insurance states it must come through a medical supplier and not a pharmacy. Thanks for letting me know about CCS.

Did you have to fight with your insurance company to allow Dexcom to be your supplier or are you paying more for this service?


I have had good luck and reliable service with Byram once you are established in their system. Getting established however…

I have only had the G-5 for about 6 months. i am on Medicare and have been getting the monthly supplies direct from Dexcom. There was no problem that I was aware of setting it up. About 5 yrs ago, I was getting my pump supplies through CCS and they seemed fine.

I’ve always got all my Dexcom supplies directly from Dexcom and my pump supplies directly from Medtronic. Never used a third party supplier. It seems much more sensible to me, but I know it’s common to have to go through a third party.

I had similar hassles with my insurance and Edgepark. I documented everything in writing (emails) to the insurance company, called multiple times, etc. and finally convinced the insurance company to allow me to order Dexcom supplies at pharmacy. The way I convinced them was by documenting that they were faxing prior auth paperwork to each other using “wrong fax numbers” and I was being promised quick resolution over the phone with zero follow through at both the insurance company and Edgepark. After about a month of this I was called back by the pharmacy benefits manager who offered to set things up with my pharmacy for ordering Dexcom and I jumped at that offer. For contract reasons, they would not allow me to order direct from Dexcom for DME. While I was still hassling with Edgepark, my insurance offered Byram but I did not want to try them because I suspected that my problem was caused equally by my insurer and my DME supplier and did not think a switch to Byram would solve it.

Insurance still covers as DME benefit when I order at pharmacy (deductible and copay still applies). I have to call the insurance pharmacy benefits dept. before each order, they call the pharmacy and enter an override into the system, and then I call my pharmacy and the orders sail through. This is still a bit of a hassle but is worthwhile for me. The pharmacy pricing is much lower than Edgepark and I am saving money on my 20% co pays.

Thanks John. This is very helpful information

I had good luck with Byram.

I feel you with Edgepark. I have to call them about my orders Every. Single. Time. Up until this year my insurance woule only allow me to go through Edgepark. When they changed that I was pretty excited…until I realized that the way they “opened up the market” basically still means I have to go through Edgepark as they are the only ones that meet their new criteria.

CCS Medical has been reliable for many years. Now on Medicare I receive sensors directly from Dexcom.