Dexcom SHARE Cloud server is temporarily down. Not any more!

This may be relevant for people using G4+share or G5: Sunday, January 10, 2016, Dexcom Share server is temporarily down, so at this time you won’t be able to see CGM data on any devices that depend on connectivity to the server, e.g. Follow app or smart watches. In general, here you can check status of the Dexcom share service.

Update: as of 1pm MST (1/10/16), the Share service is up and running again.

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Thank-you! I’ve already spent 30 minutes rebooting (some 2x and 3x) my receiver, Apple Watch, and iPhone. I’ve even turned off the Bluetooth on my laptop. Nothing worked. I’ve learned something new! My next step was to call Dexcom. How did you figure this out?

On the Share app Status, I noticed “Internet” link as red. Since my Internet was otherwise working just fine, the conclusion was that the problem must be with Dexcom server. It took me some time to find how to check this on the Dexcom site - it is hidden in the FAQ section - so I thought it would be good to post that link here. This is the second time over a period of one year I’ve seen Dexcom server down.

This is the first time I’ve noticed the server down. I may have attributed the first instance to something else. I notice the same symptoms on the iPhone Share2 app status page but thought that perhaps my Bluetooth function in the receiver had given up the ghost. I followed your link but then tried to hunt it down from the home page to its location. It is hidden. This function should graduate to a higher layer. Maybe it’s buried location is an indicator of the servers’ dependability or at least the confidence Dex has in its server’s dependability.

Thanks. I wondered what was going on.

Thx @Dragan1 I was hoping it was Dexcom and not my equipment, glad I stopped by the forum this afternoon!

Thanks for posting this!
I use a G4 transmitter and receiver. What I’m wondering is why the Share 2 App on my phone needs to see Dexcom’s server in order to show me data. The blue tooth connection to my receiver is working fine. Not cool Dexcom. Not cool at all.

I find it simply unbelievable and inexcusable that Dexcom allows for (a) drops in in-range bluetooth connectivity, and (b) down times in their servers. These should happen literally never. No server redundancy??? Give me a break. A fundamental issue with Dexcom, in my opinion, is that their core expertise is only in the sensor needle technology (hats off for that!). The hardware and software piled on top of that sensor are mediocre at best.

@Dragan1 – I went on some long airplane flights in November. I have a distinct memory of putting my iPhone in airplane mode with Bluetooth enabled and my Apple Watch displaying my BG numbers for the entire flight. With the server outage, I thought I could just put my iPhone into flight mode and bypass the need for the server. It didn’t work. My watch would not display any info with my phone in airplane mode.

Either my memory is faulty (very plausible) or a recent iOS or Dexcom software update changed that ability. Any comments?

Is it back up? Someone on Twitter said it was back, but when I check the site with the status, it says the same message about being temporarily down.

I fly a lot Terry4 and I do the same. I’ve never had a problem, always had cgm data on my phone and my watch while in airplane mode. This is what makes me think Dexcom is not being completely forthcoming with this current issue.

@Zardoz – Have tried changing into airplane mode and see if you can display your BG on the watch? Thanks for confirming that my memory wasn’t faulty.

Update: as of 1pm MST (1/10/16), the Share service seems to up and running again, at least it does work for me, although the status page may still show that it is down.

Because I had done so much fooling around with my settings, I had to go back into the receiver settings menu and “forget receiver” and pair it again from the phone. Apple Watch finally displaying my BG. Nice to see that the receiver has back-filled the watch with all the missing data.

still down for me and on dexcom’s staus page.
In my original attempt to troubleshoot this error I uninstalled and re-installed the share 2 app. Now all I get is this “incompatible IOS” message

I’m back up and running. I will be letting Dexcom know how badly they handled this whenever tech supt. gets around to calling me back.

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Strange. I have not seen that message before. I would uninstall again, wait for the Dex status page to officially show the server is up and running again, and then reinstall and restart.

It would be nice to get a formal explanation of this outage.

The people depending on the G5 with iPhone visibility only were without any feedback if they didn’t have their receiver handy. I think this underlines the importance of always having a receiver nearby. I never saw it as much of a burden.

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FYI, even though I have xDrip and Nightwatch set to operate using Share data, the local connection works fine for both phone and smartwatch - No loss of data flow from the Share outage.

Just want to let everyone know that it’s back up and running!