Please come back, Dexcom Share server!

Been out since yesterday. Sugarmate disabled! Come on guys, get it fixed!

Dexcom resolved their internal server issue around 6AM EST (today).
It may take 2~24 hrs for users to regain functionality.
Dexcom Technical Support does handle this so if anybody wants to get the info direct from them … 24x7.

Thanks for that link. They also have a system status page that I’ve been hitting. Shows it still down as of 10:22 a.m. I lost connection last night at 5:22 p.m.

Nice link. I will add that to the FUD page.

Back online now, for me anyway.

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I’m finally back online and glad to have my Sugarmate number back in the middle of my Apple Watch screen. I found it interesting that some people had service restored last night and others of us not until today. It was not a huge problem for me but tough for parents who monitor their children.

Did seem to vary widely by location. I don’t have enough info to speculate on the whys/wherefores but as a tech guy—and married to someone who is even more so—I do know one thing: whole bunch of sysadmins had a not-so-fun NYE last night.

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There are certain network related changes that take time to propagate and become fully effective for all users. If this is what was required as a fix for the Dexcom issue, the time of propagation would be outside the control of Dexcom. Certainly this would not have been an easy choice for the technical people involved in remediation as it clearly would extend the duration of the issue for a significant period of time.

I never lost either app and I live in South Florida

The only effect I noticed was the inability to upload and view Clarity. When I checked first thing this morning, I was able to upload.

This outage did not affect Loop’s function. Loop is designed to work offline, without access to the internet, like when flying.

I sense that Dexcom endured the backlash from people, like parents who follow their child’s blood glucose and who found themselves sorely missing the data stream. I wonder if Dexcom will be making any changes due to this event.