Dexcom touchscreen receiver

By the way no it won’t do horizontal :flushed: and it’s a pain in the butt beyond belief. It times out after 10 seconds, no way to adjust that. Every time you do anything you have to unlock the screen with 3 taps and more to do what you want, it times out before you get to do anything frequently. The touch screen sensitivity is not that great.

How about alarm volume(s) and brightness (bright enough to easily see in direct sunlight?)

I was surprised and not pleased to receive the new touch screen a couple of weeks ago. I don’t like the size, the orientation, or the touch screen. I often put the receiver in my bra, and if it buzzed, if I chose, I could just reach in and push a button to keep it quiet. With this thing, I have to take it out, push buttons to turn it on so that I can acknowledge that I heard it. I called and asked if they had any old model receivers, was told ‘no’. I have spoken to more than one representative, also pointed out that for some folks, the touch screen is a problem…like the visually challenged.

So, I reconnected the old receiver. As my Animas is out of warranty and I am changing to Tslim x2, I am hoping the old receiver will last until I get the integrated Dexcom/Tslim.

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The alarm volume seems to be ok. At first I wasn’t noticing it on the beep, the vibration at least. I have it on the musical one now. I’m very nocturnal and don’t think I’ve used it yet in bright sunlight. The button is really awful, small, oval shaped and inset. It’s very hard for me to press it especially through the vinyl on my case. It takes forever to get the screen visible, which is crazy. All this button pressing with the locked screen is very bad. It takes way too long to see your bg and do anything.

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Yep this is so bad on so many levels. My old receiver is still working so I could go back to it until it stops. I’m going to plug away with this for now. What a pain. And yes I’m not sure how someone with visual issues can even use this. So with the new T slim we don’t need it? Everything is on the pump? I’d still carry the receiver just in case the pump broke. But it’d be a lot easier for sure. I can’t get one till Dec 2018 or Jan 2019.

No, with Tslim no need for receiver,also goes to phone. I am not fond of touch screens (Tslim x2), so I was going to go with the Medtronic 670 on manual, not use the Guardian that goes with it until it is as reliable as Dexcom. But when I saw that with the Medtronic I would also be using a touch screen Dexcom, I decided to check out the Tslim. Either way I would need to use a touch screen. I downloaded a Tslim x2 simulator to my phone. The Tslim is small, will need to put only one diabetic gadget in bra or pocket. Also, I don’t find the Tslim touch screen as annoying as the Dexcom touch screen.

All in all, I think Dexcom should have checked with customers before changing. This new receiver may push some folks to Medtronic with Guardian.

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Yep, they should have consulted us. The t slim touch screen is better, sometimes it times out etc. But you can adjust it, no crazy double tap etc. it’s small. Yes just the t slim with receiver in purse or pocket may work. My phone is too old. I like the tslim and won’t switch. I’m used to it.

So do you do calibrations on your pump then and not the receiver? Or your phone. If it’s the phine I’d still need the receiver anyway.

I don’t have a Tslim yet, am using my beloved Animas (don’t use the Ping remote part). When my Animas went out of warranty, I called to start paperwork for new pump, But…guess what??? more Animas. Sat in a state of shock for a while and then made Midnight Chocolate Cake with Milk Chocolate frosting. Seemed like the thing to do!

For anyone who wants to communicate with Dexcom, you have a Dexcom rep that you can use for your contact. Call the company and ask for name and phone number.

Here is a short memo I sent to my rep and attached the complaint of this post:

Monica, based on this write-up, the new receiver sounds horrible, and I have to ask how your company can do such a bad job of inventing new products. It’s like you don’t take customer input on the design at all, just engineers in a closed room using only their personal taste. That is a terrible way to develop a new product and will lead to losing customers.

P.S. I never want this new receiver, please don’t let them send me one.

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100% Agree.

All touchscreens are not equal.

Please let us know if she replies and what she says. Someone on the phone, when replying to my complaints about it, said this is the only kind available and is the most accurate…

After using the Dexcom (new) Touchscreen Receiver for about 1 month, I do not find it that bad when running with a calibrated G5 system.

The nag screen for the calibration is beyond frustrating and IMHO makes the receiver almost unusable.

However if a morning calibration is entered then the next 12 hours have no “nag screen”.

Without the “calibration nag screen”, a single press of the physical button will display your current cgm number and the 3-hour graph. This receiver DOES have the 3-hour data backfill from the G5 transmitter so it is less likely to have gaps in the graph. I also find this receiver to have slightly better range and connectivity than the older non-touchscreen receiver.

All in all, if the morning calibration is performed, I think I do (slightly) prefer the new receiver over the old receiver.

That being said, I believe I find all of the factually based prior complaints on the new receiver to be accurate.


I don’t find that to be the case. I have to unlock the screen with 3 taps every time I do anything ( really way more than that because it doesn’t respond properly) and it frequently times out during calibration and other things- the touch screen is terrible and inadequate. It’s just not acceptable. The button is also terrible and not acceptable. It’s too small and doesn’t respond well, I have to press it at least 3-4 x to get it to work. I hate this thing. And I hope it will be redesigned ASAP to something that fits the enormous price tag for these devices. That a company lIke dexcom, which has done a lot, would design something so inadequate and so disrespectful of user needs is not ok.

They’ll send you one and then you have no choice unless you’re on Medicare apparently. I’ve complained several times already on the phone when asking about issues. I’ll try to find out who my rep is. The problem is that some people will say it’s ok and they prolly won’t listen. Obviously they don’t care or they wouldn’t have designed something this bad. Another example of problems at the opposite end is with t slim. A few people complained about a non issue with having the pump remove air from the cartridge, which took 30 seconds and which worked, so they changed the system. So I now have to remove air from the cartridge with my syringe which is a tedious process which takes 2-3 minutes. The only good part about that is I can prepare the cartridge ahead of time before disconnecting so I have less time off basal. There are a few other real problems in the software which I’ve compalined about numerous times which have been left in place. One being that you can get locked into the load menu and unable to get out without filling at least ten units and going through the whole load process.

If I were you I would contact upper management and list your specific complaints. Just discussing the problems you are having with the receiver with tech support is not going to result in any change

Please re-post the T-Slim part of this message on the Tandem Pumps page of tudiabetes. That way more people will see it. There is also a Type 1 talk site belonging to JDRF called Type 1 Nation (, a really good place for Type 1s to discuss their unique issues.


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Which also has a vertical only orientation.

Dexcom, Medtronic, Omnipod - and likely Tandem soon, all require the multiple touch and button presses. It is a new FDA “safety” requirement.

Medicare requires the recurrent to be sent, but there is no way to retire you to not use the phone, if you choose to. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Personally, I don’t even know where my receiver is at this point.

How can it be a “safety” requirement for a Dexcom device?? It doesn’t infuse medication. that’s ridiculous.

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Are you trying to make sense out of the FDA? To then, it is a class 1 medical device, and the locks are a requirement for all class 1 devices. I didn’t say it made sense. :wink:

I’d send it to you, if I knew where it was. I haven’t seen it for about 8 months.

I wouldn’t even have it if my insurance didn’t require it.

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ah. that’s ok. hopefully I won’t be without a functional one. My wife and I have had 3 of them replaced by Dexcom since Oct 2017