FYI - Dexcom Receiver Manufacturing Change?

I had to replace my Dexcom receiver and I'm surprised with the font intensity on the screen. It is definitely lighter than previous receiver font's.

After talking with Tech Support I was told the manufacturing process changed. Very surprised that Dexcom would let this happen.

I've attached a picture

2670-dex1.jpg (53.7 KB)

Last September I took delivery of my third Dexcom receiver and system. The LCD pixels on the receiver were faded and dim. I complained and Dexcom sent me a replacement receiver. That receiver had the same problem. I sent an email to the CEO of the company, guessing at his email address. The email included photos showing the degraded quality of the new receiver screens. I quickly received an email from the second in command's executive secretary. I forget the executive's name but he was very concerned with my complaint.

It turns out that Dexcom started sourcing their LCD displays from a new company and the quality went down. I was finally sent a receiver that I felt was acceptable. I pointed out to the executive that display contrast and crispness was very important to those of us with diminishing visual acuity due to aging. He agreed with my sentiment.

I lost track of the issue as I knew that Dexcom was transitioning to the new Gen4 sensor and receiver. I hoped that the new receiver would not have the same problem.

Dexcom knows they have this quality problem with the 7+ system. I recommend that you complain and ask for a replacement receiver. Good luck. Please post what actions, if any, that you take.

Thanks Terry. I'll try and get Terrance Gregg's email address and send him a message

I emailed Terrance Gregg and heard back from the Manager of Technical Support. She requested some pictures and will be investigating the problem.

Hopefully I'll here back early next week. We will see.

I agree with your G4 statement. Maybe they are hoping users will switch to the integrated pump/dexcom device whenever that's available.