Two different sizes for Dexcom receivers?

Just got off the phone with Solara to order the Dexcom G6 . I did usual complaint about the size of the touch screen receive vs the older, smaller, more convenient receiver. He then said that when my year is up with my current touch screen receiver, that next time they could send me the smaller.
Somewhat astonished I asked if Dexcom will be making the receiver in two different models/sizes. He said, “Yes”. I am skeptical of this. Has anyone else heard of this?

i have the G5 and i have the touch screen receiver vs the one that looks like the G4. so there are two different ones

Yes, but when I called up to complain about the new receiver last fall, I was told that the new touch screen was what was/would be available for new Dexcoms. The old (and for me more convenient) receivers would be not made. This Solara rep say that in the future, there would be a choice between touch screen and old style.

With the old receivers, G5,G4, I could put it in my bra or in a small pocket. This new touch screen is too big and falls out. With my new order of the G5 last fall, I was sent the new style.

Perhaps the Solara rep could send you a picture of the “old style” that works with the G6? That certainly would be interesting.

He gave me the impression that the choice would also be available for the G6, as that is what I was making arrangements to get. Personally, although I hope he is right, I don’t think he knows what he is talking about. I am just so glad that with the Tslim X2, I don’t need to use the receiver.