Dexcom transmitters on back order

Anybody else experiencing delayed shipment of Dexcom G5 transmitter? Company “ran out” of transmitters and promised shipment this week. Didn’t happen.

Wondering if Dexcom has a competitor.

Competitor? ah…no. If they went on back order yet again, it’s because they can’t make them fast enough to keep up. they had a lot of g6 sales which created a larger backlog of G6 xmitters than for the g5. My last shipment for the G5 came 5 days late.

Good Morning,
I decided last week to switch from Medtronics 670G back to the Dexcom. I was told the transmitters and sensors are not on back order, it is the PDM receiver that is back ordered. You really do not need the PDM if you have a smart device. I am receiving mine today. Of course, I am lucky enough to have BCBS for insurance, so that may have also played a role. Hope this helps.

I’ve never heard the receiver referred to as a “PDM”. Is that in the manual? (it wouldn’t be the first thing I’ve missed. :slight_smile: )

Pdm stands for personal handheld device. It is a omnipod term. For the g5 i didn’t even unbox it bc i used my phone. Sorry for the confusion.

Sorry, but “PDM” stands for Personal Diabetes Manager.

ROFL, you are correct, sorry again…lol

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LOL! I cheated–I google it, as I wasn’t sure of exactly what the acronym stood for.