DexCom "update" talk from Leerink Partners Healthcare Conference, 11 Feb 2016

DexCom “update” by Steven Pacelli @ Leerink Partners Healthcare Conference

The link above is to a web browser audio playback of an “informal fireside chat” between a Steven Pacelli (Dexcom exec ???) and someone from “Leerink Partners”. The intended audience IMO is not the #DOC, but rather the investment community. That is, this is about the prospects for DXCM stock which has declined noticeably over the last week or so.

However, the talk does touch on some topics which may be of interest to the folks here. I am not up to creating a transcript and don’t trust myself enough to attempt to summarize this “chat”. (Maybe someone else will jump in? :wink: )

However, here are some notes about what I think was said during the not quite 20 minute exchange.

  • @ time ~00:40, talked about CMS (Medicare?) reimbursement for CGM and the “dosing claim”

  • @ time ~03:08, talked about Abbott Freestyle Libre

  • @ time ~06:50, talked about speculations about Medtronic 670G

  • @ time ~08:40, talked about CGM market penetration

  • @ time ~11:00, talked about “things” in the upcoming Dexcom product pipeline

  • insertion device, miniaturization, lower cost

  • @ time ~12:35, talked a bit more about the “dosing claim” & possible effect on market penetration

  • @ time ~14:10,
    Q: When will we know more about the path to FDA approval of the “dosing claim”?
    A: Probably never. (Dexcom’s keeps its discussions with the FDA close to the vest)

  • @ time ~16:25, where is the focus in 2016? establishing G5


  • I had no problem playing this on my desktop computer. However, the only way I could get it to play on my iPad was opening the link in Apple’s Safari browser.

  • While I think the link above is likely to work, if it does not, then try this link to the Dexcom website “Events & Webcasts” page and look under “Upcoming Events” look for the Leerink Partners 5th Annual Global Healthcare Conference on Feb 11, 2016 at 3:05 PM ET.
    You can also reach the Dexcom “Events & Webcasts” page by
    - going to the DexCom website
    - at the top of the page, click through to the “Our Company” section
    - go to the “Investor Relations” section
    - finally, follow the link to the “Events and Webcasts” section

Interesting. Dexcom execs have made it clear in their earnings calls that they’re going after FDA approval for the dosing claim because of the potential for market growth. An excellent move from a marketing perspective. CMS is holding stubbornly to their insistence that they will not cover CGM unless it replaces fingersticks. With CMS on board, the potential for new users, both T1 & T2, is huge.