Diabetes Breakup

I can understand your situation. My wife left me because of my type 1 diabetes. I have been diabetic for 56 years, type 1. My wife of 20 years refused to understand my pain from neuropathy, my low blood sugars, my heart disease from diabetes. After 20 years I basically had my fill of being ridiculed and cursed at.
I wanted her out of my life, for good. Is there someone out there for me? I guess someone would want a man with 2 master’s degrees, having careers such as a Healthcare ceo, someone with a big heart and a ton of courage with a strong will to live.



I’m sorry about your breakup. If there was one thing i could offer as a 38 year old woman… I broke off an engagement in a 6 year relationship when I was 30. I truly now believe the best part of my life STARTED when I hit my 30’s. I was smarter, more intuitive, confident, knew what I wanted, started a new career… just amazing.
Once you mend your heart celebrate this new chapter. Also putting for diabetes and self care first so you can look and feel just as incredible as this new world. You also will offer more to the next man you chose to let into your world.

PS - remind yourself what you know what you don’t want you know what you do want. Let this be your teacher.

The diabetes “problem” was never yours, THEY had the problem and lacked the maturity to understand that difference

Being single again will not be pleasant sometimes, but there are many who will gladly love you and care for you no matter what. It is not the diabetes that they love, it is YOU and diabetes an important part but surely only one part, not remotely all that makes you, you

For the fool who walked away that is solely on him .

You are completely correct to have left this man. It’s really upsetting to hear that somebody can’t accept a huge part of you! The fact that he has generalised T1 diabetes as entirely negative, despite your efforts to show him that you can still have a normal, healthy lifestyle if you maintain a good A1c is really heartbreaking. You absolutely shouldn’t let this experience fill you with a fear towards relationships as a whole though. You will find someone who accepts every part of you and cares about your diabetes as much as you do! Please don’t let this experience completely tarnish your prospects of finding a partner. I have a channel on YouTube that is dedicated to helping type one diabetics. I am currently in the process of creating a video about break ups and think that your story would be a really good source to use. Do you mind if I read out your story in my video?